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Buying A Townhouse: What You Need To Pay Attention To When Choosing

1. You need to pay attention not only to the house but also to its location. Make sure that there are no factories, factories, and other negative objects nearby. A big advantage will be the presence of a forest, a reservoir or a park near the house.

2. Infrastructure. Make sure that within walking distance from home there is everything you need for a comfortable life – hospitals, schools, kindergartens, banks, post offices, pharmacies, shopping centers, fitness clubs, and beauty salons. This should be especially taken into account for those who buy a townhouse outside the city.

3. Transport accessibility. If you often or daily have to travel to the city on business, estimate how long the road takes, how busy it is and how long you have to stand in traffic jams, whether there are detours. It would also not be superfluous to find out how far the metro station and public transport stop are from home in case the car suddenly breaks down.

4. Safety. When choosing a townhouse, find out if the territory is guarded or not. Most villages are equipped with round-the-clock security and checkpoints. In this case, you can be sure of your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

5. Ownership of the land. Find out from the developer what status the land on which the townhouse is built has. The best option island that has the status of a settlement, intended for low-rise construction (LHC).

Today, no one needs to be convinced about the advantages of living outside the city, and as soon as the opportunity arises, many people undertake to experience all the charms of country life.

The best option for suburban housing in our time is a comfortable and comfortable cottage, but only people, even with an average income, cannot afford to allocate from the family budget an amount sufficient to buy it.

An alternative to cottages can be called a more economical option – these are townhouses, which can be called the “golden mean” between a cottage and a city apartment.

It is customary to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this format of suburban housing in comparison with a city apartment since the living conditions in it are in many ways similar to the living conditions in an apartment building.

Advantages Of Townhouses

One of the main advantages of townhouses is living in ecologically clean areas, close to forests or natural reservoirs while maintaining the urban lifestyle. The presence of a garage, and a personal plot – are the advantages that remained to him from detached cottages.

Silence, the ability to have a picnic in nature without any problems, relax on the shore of a natural reservoir, and fresh air – these are all the advantages of living in townhouses.

The social environment or the ability to let the child play outside without supervision, without fear that something might happen to him, is the main selection criterion for many. What a townhouse cannot guarantee you is the absence of neighbors behind your wall.

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