Can Apple Activation Lock on iPad Be Bypassed?

Description: Bypassing Activation Lock on Apple devices is desired since it gives end users control over their gadgets. However, this process isn’t intuitively guessed. Please stick to the professional advice below to avoid mistakes and not damage your precious iPad.

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPad?

In its essence, the purpose of the Activation Lock screen serves for good. Unless you have authorized information to enter, including a password and Apple ID, it won’t let you access the device’s content. On the one hand, this is considered an extra and beneficial layer of protection that keeps your personal data safe from illicit access by third parties. On the other hand, such products as iPads don’t have to be necessarily stolen or lost to appear in someone else’s hands — people do buy second-hand goodies a lot.

That’s when professional assistance is deeply appreciated. If you don’t want to feel ripped off and simply waste your money on a disappointing purchase, it is high time to discover how to bypass activation lock iPad. Considering it might be impossible to contact the previous owner and ask him/her to unlock the device for many reasons, the most traditional approach is commonly the most challenging one. Keep on reading to find out how to overcome this problem and enjoy your iPad’s performance. Onwards!

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPad?

iCloud Locking an iPad: What Does It Mean?

When you see this type of notification on your iPad’s screen, the behind story is usually one of the following:

  • Users can’t access the data anymore because they forgot the right iCloud login details and, therefore, have no opportunity to sign out promptly.
  • People frequently invest in second-hand devices, and there are lots of cases when former owners don’t log out.
  • If someone else has access to your login data, it might have been changed without you knowing.

No matter what path you experience, it won’t be possible to use an iPad as it is without unlocking the Activation Lock screen. Luckily, bypassing the latter is a quite realizable mission. The only thing to do is just to find out how to proceed even if gaining a password won’t take place. Keep on scrolling the page down!

How to Make Your iPad Work: Bypassing Techniques to Consider

Knowing the credentials will be helpful when you are interested in resetting your Apple product, and it is simply more efficient to manipulate your data freely. The highlighted methods on how to bypass Activation Lock differ in terms of their suitability and ease of appliance. To maximize the success rate as much as possible, it is the right moment to check out these solutions in more detail.

Method 1: Consider Specialized Software

If you don’t want to let removing this screen notification on your iPad a huge hassle and reduce the time required to succeed, professional programs will enable you to be up in arms. These tools are specifically designed with the main purpose to get rid of Activation Lock on Apple products.

There are universal techniques to download and install, but enthusiasts have to double-check what version of iOS devices this or that application supports. It is up to you to decide whether free or commercial solutions will work for you better. Reading customer reviews and checking Google ratings for them won’t be extra though. Anyway, top-notch unlockers aren’t demanding in terms of technical requirements to start with. They also provide step-by-step instructions or video tutorials, so you won’t face any difficulties from this perspective.

Method 1: Consider Specialized Software

After bypassing the lock, individuals are welcome to set their own rules of the game. There is one peculiarity to be aware of: such processes commonly jailbreak your devices, which might affect their security and solid performance.

Method 2: Let Apple People Assist

Another method to overcome the problem is to contact the company’s official representatives and ask for help. Although it is a rather long-term operation, the outcome is exactly what you desire — an iPad with your own credentials after the previous ones were removed without the original owner knowing.

Naturally, individuals will need to prove a target device is truly their belonging. The receipt and the device serial number will be required for sure. Then the inspection will take place to see whether a product you are going to bypass hasn’t been reported so far. Even if there are no issues, there is no 100% guarantee they will do the job. Getting the confirmation from the previous owner that the ownership rights belong to you should aid.

Method 3: Work with DNS Server

This bypassing method won’t deliver consistent results. However, even though the problem is solved temporarily, you can try other methods for a more lasting effect. Any time Apple products are Wi-Fi connected, contact with a DNS server is established before attempting to connect to the original server. This trick will let you disable the lock without the authentic credentials:

  • Check for the page with choices for WiFi connections.
  • See the network properties — just click the icon behind a chosen one.
  • Adjust the DNS server address. Please note they will differ depending on your location.
  • Wait until the device reconnects to a new and bypassed DNS server address.

As has been already mentioned, this solution won’t get the challenge over once and forever — it will be a regular operation at your end. Besides, some features on your iPad might be non-accessible after you reconnect your device in such a way.

Wrap It Up

When it comes to disabling Activation Lock, your first trial has a chance to be a failure. That’s why it is so crucial to explore a few backup plans and try another solution if your previous expectations crash. Although contacting Apple representatives seems like staying on the safe side, the outcome is unpredictable. The use of programs and working with servers are among the most popular and helpful methods to the problem.

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