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Chespirito Net Worth

Chespirito Net Worth

Chespirito was born on February 21, 1929, in Mexico City. He is a Mexican actor, writer and director. His birth name is Roberto Gomez Bolanos. In addition to being a famous comedian, he is a screenwriter and an author. Among his many credits, he is known for his appearance in El Chavo del Ocho and his work on Chapulin Colorado.

Before becoming an actor, Chespirito was a boxer. He also wrote plays, and composed topic songs for films, telenovelas and indigenous television shows. Afterward, he began his career as a screenwriter. From there, he moved into the film industry, and became a renowned celebrity in his own country.

In 2004, he married actress Florinda Meza. They had five children. The couple’s estate was split up among them. One of the children, Ruben, is a talented actor.

Chespirito is a well-known character in Mexico, where he became popular for his role in El Chavo del Ocho. He also appeared in El Charrito and Don Raton y Don Ratero. He was nominated for various awards, including the Oscar. However, he died of heart failure in November 2014.

His estate was divided between his wife and his five daughters. After his death, his net worth was  about $50 million. Several Mexican celebrities expressed condolences to his family.

His wife, Florinda Meza, is a 40-year-old widow. She has worked in the entertainment industry in Mexico since the 1970s. Her acting helped her build up a net worth of about $20 million.

She has an official Twitter account. In the past few months, she has gained popularity on social networking websites. It seems that she has a liking for posting video clips and sultry magazine covers. This could indicate that she has a large number of followers.

Some of the movies that Chespirito has been involved with include “El Chanfle” and “La Chimoltrufia.” These roles have increased her net worth. Nevertheless, her inheritance has drawn criticism. A lawsuit may be filed against her if she tries to take over the property she inherited from her husband.

Chespirito is not only a famous actor, but also a great composer. His compositions are melodious. In fact, he is considered a symbol of Spanish-language humor. Moreover, his popularity has spread throughout Latin America. Besides, he is known for his participation in political activities in Mexico.

His most famous role is the character of Chavo in El Chavo del Ocho. His character, who lives in an abandoned barrel, has a crush on Paty. Although he is a sarcastic, cynical character, he is a great inspiration to others.

While he is a well-known figure in Mexican television and the cinema industry, Chespirito is also a successful blogger. As of late, he has an impressive number of fans on Twitter and Facebook. Nevertheless, the majority of his posts on these sites are selfies and video clips. But, he occasionally shares his progress in the studio.

His films have earned him fame and a lot of wealth. He has been nominated for several awards, including the Golden Globe.

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