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David Yurman Net Worth

David Yurman Net Worth

Known for his innovative jewelry designs, David Yurman is one of the world’s most famous jewelry designers. He was the first designer to set diamonds in sterling silver, a bold departure from classic fine jewelry. He has also been credited with creating the Cable Classic bracelet, a signature piece of jewelry that features a twisted helix adorned with crystals. David Yurman has a net worth of $400 million.

David Yurman was born in October 1942 in New York. During his early childhood, David Yurman was very much interested in sculpture. He worked with various sculptors, including Hans Van de Bovenkamp, to create public works. He also apprenticed with Jacques Lipchitz, a modernist sculptor. While in high school, he sold small sculptures at cafeterias. He met welder Ernesto Gonzales in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This experience inspired him to learn welding techniques. Eventually, he founded his own company, Putnam Arts, which focused on sculptural jewelry. He also designed an eagle sculpture for the James L. Watson Court of International Trade in New York City.

In 1979, David Yurman married painter Sybil Kleinrock and they began a family. Their son, Evan, was born in 1982. Since then, the couple has continued to run the family business. In addition to their children, they are both leading designers for the brand.

In 2000, David Yurman launched his first commercial campaign, which was modeled by Amber Valletta. He also created the David Yurman Angel Award, which recognizes individuals who are committed to helping charities. The foundation supports several charities, including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Gallop NYC therapeutic horsemanship. In 2006, the company received an award for its impressive booth at the Baselworld show. In 2013, the brand opened its first retail store on Madison Avenue. In addition to this, it has more than 30 outlets across North America.

The David Yurman brand has been carried by various international retailers, as well. In 2003, the company expanded its line of jewelry and watches. As of present, the brand has more than 30 outlets in North America, and its net worth is estimated to be $400 million.

Before establishing his own jewelry company, David Yurman had a successful career as an artist. He started as an apprentice for Jacques Lipchitz, and eventually, he became a successful designer. He has won several awards, including Designer of the Year. He also created the cushion cut stone cut for the Albion Collection, which is one of the best-selling collections of jewelry. Among the many awards, he has earned are the prestigious National Jeweler award, the Platinum Guild award, and the JEWELERS magazine Award of Excellence. He was awarded the American Crafts Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.

During his time in New York, David Yurman was known for his fusion of metals and gemstones. He has used gold, sterling silver, and diamonds to create signature jewelry. He has created a variety of mixed metal designs, including a bracelet that is covered in rose gold.

In 2001, David Yurman established the David & Sybil Yurman Humanitarian and Arts Foundation. This foundation supports several charitable causes, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Gleneayre Equestrian Foundation.

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