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Decoration Of Youth Rooms

This article is about the Decoration of youth rooms. ll parents who already have older children are clear: after the first weeks of a baby’s life, the most complicated stage in raising a child is adolescence.

That time when our children need, more than ever, some intimacy, at the same time that they cry out to you to pay attention to them and hug them because life goes faster than them and they feel dizzy.

This is what adolescence is like and it is a stage that affects the whole family: parents, but also siblings who see in their namesake a person they do not know, and uncles and grandparents, who see in that kind little boy, a person who asks screaming to gain a foothold in this society.

And, precisely, one of those holes in his room. That place in which to take refuge, as far as possible, from everything that, in their opinion, bothers them.

That place in which to discover oneself, in which to have confidences with friends or, why not, with brothers. In short, a place that must adapt to their new way of seeing life and that, therefore, represents the passage from childhood to maturity.

If you are living this moment, do not hesitate: talk to your son, invite him to make a change in his room. If he shares it, the time has come to establish the first debate. In this article, we have some ideas to give you so that you can lend a hand to that young man in front of you.

Decoration In Large Youth Rooms

The dream of every adolescent or young woman is to be able to have a room in which to have her own space. For this, nothing like large youth rooms, because they allow you to play with spaces and create modern youth rooms.

Many will tell you that the first thing you have to take into account is the colors; We want the first thing you take into account is the opinion of your child who, after all, is the one who will spend the most time in that space. So, ask him the following question: what would you like your room to have and what do you think you need?

Bed for youth rooms: keep in mind that at these ages your child will likely want to bring a friend home, therefore, the bed will have to be a trundle or if you have space, there will have to be at least two beds.

In addition, you will want to be able to read in bed or have some auxiliary furniture to be able to have your mobile and other small objects that you need close at hand.

Study table for youth rooms: the good thing about having a large youth room is that the bed can be completely separated from the study area. We recommend it because you will avoid, as far as possible, the temptation to study in bed.

Relaxation area: because your child will want to spend more time alone or with his friends, but in his room. So if you have a large room, make a third area where you can have a sofa (which can be a bed) or an area with cushions and poufs, where you can quietly enjoy your music or the series you like the most.

This area can be together with the reading area. Today there are a thousand and one different pieces of furniture. Shaped shelves. With a large space… It’s nice to decorate modern youth rooms!

Ideas For Small Youth Rooms

Now we go to the opposite case, that of a small room. In this case, you are going to need different ideas to be able to make the most of the space and, above all, to give the feeling that it is larger than it is, without forgetting that teenagers always have a lot of things.

In the case of a youth room for girls, it is easier, because they love mirrors and you can place them on the walls, but also the cabinet doors; this will help you give it breadth. Eye! The boys are too, but they won’t ask you so much, so… it will be you who has to convince him.

Another tip for small youth rooms is to paint them white because it always gives more space. Also, if your child wants to give it the color, he will always have the opportunity to do so with the bedding, with the chair at his study table, or by painting the doors of his wardrobe.

In this case, the most advisable thing is to get a compact piece of furniture, which houses the bed, the study table and the largest number of drawers, in addition to one or two more beds, in the same piece of furniture. And it is that even if the room is small, it is more than likely that you can take advantage of its height.

Current Colors For Youth Rooms

One of the most repeated questions when designing youth rooms is how to paint these spaces. In this sense, the first thing I invite you to look at is the colors of youth rooms that are worn today, such:

White: the color par excellence and the one that gives the most play when it comes to choosing furniture.

Beige and brown: which are more neutral colors and are very popular with those young people closer to maturity.

Grays: very similar to white, but with a small touch of rebellion; the same that characterizes your son at this stage of his life.

Blue: both for youth rooms for girls and boys.

Green: especially apple tones. Something that appeals more to those young girls who are already at the University or with higher education and begin to want to fly.

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