How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Helmet?

This article is about How to choose the right motorcycle helmet. If you are a motorcycle fan, there is a travel guide that always goes with you: the motorcycle helmet.

Whatever type of motorcycle you use, you should always wear a helmet and your insurance in order, although you have probably had many doubts about what type of helmet you should use.

There are many types of helmets on the market, but we are going to clarify the elements that you must take into account when choosing one type of motorcycle helmet or another. These are some tips you should keep in mind when choosing a motorcycle helmet.

Helmet Expiration Date

Did you know that there are motorcycle helmets that have an expiration date? These are polycarbonate helmets, which decline over the years.

Some experts estimate that this type of helmet expires 5-7 years from its manufacture, so it is important that when you go to buy it you look at the date that will be superimposed on the sticker on its packaging.

Any helmet, being a kind of shell, if it falls or hits the ground with enough force, it can crack, thus losing its properties and having to be discarded.

Helmet Types: Integral Is Recommended

There are various kinds of best motorcycle helmets on the market. The safest is always full-face helmets since they have a more solid outer structure and offer greater protection against impacts.

The classic jet or jet cases with a screen are more common in cities, but they offer much less protection and injuries in the event of an accident are more serious.

The Helmet Must Be New, Not Second Hand

It is still preferable that you opt for a new motorcycle helmet. Why? A second-hand helmet may have damage due to bumps or accidents that are not visible at first glance but that endanger your safety.

If you don’t have very real confidence that the helmet you are going to buy second-hand is in perfect condition, go for a new helmet.

How Much Should The Helmet Weigh?

Although it may appear that the greater the weight, the greater the protection, this is not the case. It is not necessary to buy hulls that exceed 1,400 gr.

This is because, in the event of a large impact, the heavier the helmet, the more force can cause internal damage.

Helmet Material Recommended, It Must Be Resistant

The level of safety of a motorcycle helmet is largely determined by the composition of the shell, that is, the surface responsible for absorbing the impact in the event of an accident.

According to the studies carried out, the tri composite hull structure made up of Kevlar, fiberglass, and carbon fiber is the one that offers the best results. Polycarbonate helmets are usually cheaper but they also report worse behavior against impacts.

The Helmet Must Be Comfortable

The Helmet Must Be Comfortable
The Helmet Must Be Comfortable

Closely linked to size and weight, comfort is essential. Avoid buying a helmet that is heavy, cumbersome, or doesn’t fit your head well. Perhaps those discomforts are a sign that it is not the safest helmet for you. Try it on as many times as you think necessary.

Anti-Fog Helmet To Prevent The Screen From Fogging Up

In very humid areas or with very large temperature fluctuations, it is advisable to use helmets that include the anti-fog system. The one understood as Pin-Lock is the most familiar and most approved helmets are prepared to have it.

This innovation consists of a screen that is installed inside the visor of the helmet and creates an area as if it were a vacuum, where moisture cannot penetrate. In this way, the visor of the helmet does not fog up.

There are other anti-fog systems on the market such as the “mist retardant”, but with use, it loses its effect. Another device that helps prevent fogging is nose pads, as they allow the heat of our breathing to be evacuated.

Choose The Helmet Size That Best Suits Your Head

One of the most important sections when choosing your motorcycle helmet is the size since, in 20% of serious accidents, the helmet is thrown off due to incorrect fastenings.

The motorcycle helmet should not put excessive pressure on the head, but it should not be too loose either, otherwise, it will be thrown off in an accident.

A trick to know if it is our appropriate size is that the cheekbones must be tight. In addition, with prolonged use of the helmet, the soft part of the interior gives way and there is more space, something to take into account so that in a few weeks our helmet does not ‘dance’ and can be easily detached.

Safety Elements Of The Helmet – Strap

In addition to the materials of the Carlota to improve the resistance of the helmets, it is very important that the closure of the helmet is a double ring since it is the safest system, according to the studies carried out. However, micrometric closures are much more comfortable but also more insecure against big blows.

And when you ride your motorcycle frequently, you may have questions about how your motorcycle insurance damage coverage for the helmet works. Depending on the type of motorcycle insurance you have contracted, you will have one type of coverage or another. 

Types Of Helmet Depending On The Type Of Motorcycle

To know how to choose a motorcycle helmet, it is essential to know the type of motorcycle we have or are going to buy. There are types of helmets more suitable for urban or sports motorcycles and others for larger motorcycles.

To give a couple of examples, a full-face helmet is the most suitable for high-volume motorcycles, while trial helmets are designed for competitions carried out on hard terrain.

Motorcycle Helmet Care And Maintenance

The first thing we must do is carefully read the instructions for the use and maintenance of our motorcycle helmet, so as not to damage it when cleaning it or disassembling elements such as the visor. It is not just about cleaning, but about caring for and maintaining the different elements of the helmet.

We must clean the outer shell of the helmet manually with specific products or neutral soaps, using a soft sponge and drying with cloths so as not to leave residues. The interior of the motorcycle helmet also needs maintenance and the vast majority of models have removable and washable pads.

It is advisable to wash them by hand with specific or neutral soaps and dry them naturally. On the other hand, it is advisable to wash the visor of the motorcycle helmet regularly with specific products from specialized stores.

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