DIY Vs. Professional Auto Transport: Which is Better?

There’re many reasons for transporting your car, ranging from moving to a new city to buying a classic, vacationing, and relocating a business. You have two primary options for shipping your vehicle: drive it yourself or hire a professional auto transport service. Below are four important considerations when deciding the option to choose.


Cost is the biggest consideration for most consumers, who are likely to choose the most affordable option. Contrary to the notion that driving your car is cheaper than hiring a professional auto transport service, it is not. You may think that you will only incur the cost of fuel, service, and hotels for long-distance travel, but those are not the only expenses. Think about money spent on unexpected car repairs, time off work, and food during transit. Also, the wear and tear on your car affects its lifespan and lowers its value. Don’t forget high insurance premiums due to long-distance travel and increased road risk.

Hiring professional auto transport is more cost-effective and can save you many bucks. As more auto transport companies enter the market, auto transport is becoming increasingly affordable. For instance, California to New York auto transport is competitively priced due to increased demand. By opting for professional auto transport, you don’t have to worry about the costs of fuel, maintenance, insurance, repairs, and travel expenses, which add up very fast.

Driving Experience

DIY can offer an excellent opportunity to spend time and bond with your family as you explore new territories and terrains. You can take breaks to enjoy scenic views and meals and listen to good music. However, long-distance driving can be daunting, especially for inexperienced drivers, and leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. Also, it increases your risk for neck and back problems, affecting your health and quality of life.

Auto transport companies have highly skilled and qualified drivers with years of experience transporting different types of vehicles. They also have policies on drive time, breaks, and safety practices for optimal outcomes.


Whether you want to transport your SUV, truck, or classic car, safety is paramount. You want the car to get to its destination in pristine condition. When you opt for DIY, you can ensure safety by observing traffic rules, taking multiple breaks, and having a backup driver. Also, driving your car allows you to focus and handle it carefully.

Similarly, safety is a priority for most reputable auto transport providers. Their years of experience allow them to easily navigate aggravations like weather, traffic, and rogue road users. Your vehicle is insured, and you don’t incur losses in the event of damage during transit. Also, you choose between transporting your car in an open or enclosed truck depending on your needs and budget. Using professional auto transport is not only safe, but also stress-free and seamless.


Driving your vehicle from one state to another takes loads of time. It can take a few days or weeks, especially moving from West East to East Coast. This may mean taking off time from work, family, and other life obligations. Missing work may result in low wages or reduced vacation days.

Professional vehicle shipping is a good choice if you are time-conscious and can’t afford to invest tens of hours in auto transport. Professional auto transport companies have door-to-door services and expedited shipping to save time and increase convenience. You can fly to your destination and let the professionals drive your car to you.

Whether you want to transport your vehicle for personal or business reasons, deciding whether to drive it yourself or hire a professional is fundamental. Professional auto transport is the best option for your wallet, schedule, and sanity, as long as you choose a reputable provider.

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