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Dorothy Steel Net Worth

Dorothy Steel Net Worth- How Much Is She Worth?

Dorothy Steel was a geriatric American actress, known for her minor roles in movies such as the Black Panther. She also starred in the television series The Oval and a few comedies like Poms. However, her highest profile role came as a minor character in the film’s sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Her net worth is around $2million USD.

Aside from her acting career, Steel has a number of other achievements. She was one of the first non-physician to be awarded the prestigious Distinguished Service Award from New York Presbyterian Hospital. In 2009, she received the honor for her charity work. Among her other accolades, she is a member of the San Francisco Hall of Fame. Her home is located in a posh 55 room mansion in San Francisco. If it were sold, it would be a bonanza for the right buyer.

During her lifetime, she achieved many firsts and accolades, among them being the most famous alumna in the history of San Francisco. It was at her alma mater that she earned her degree in psychology. She also attended the Lycee Francais de New York. Although she hasn’t been publicly identified as a student of the institution, she spent a good deal of her youth there. After a divorce in 1978, Steel married heroin addict William Toth the following day.

Despite her years of service, she is perhaps best known for her role in the Black Panther series. As of 2018, the Black Panther franchise had paid her a hefty sum for her efforts. She was also covered by the Marvel franchise for the cost of flying her home to her native Detroit. This has to do with her height and weight. On a more practical level, she was a senior revenue officer at the Internal Revenue Service. Nonetheless, this is a relatively minor role, considering she was only a few months short of retirement age at the time of her passing.

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Not only was she one of the longest serving female actors, she was also the first woman to receive a Distinguished Service Award from the American Psychiatric Association. Considering her accomplishments, it is no wonder that she was one of the most decorated Hollywood actresses of all time. With the exception of her divorce, her life was relatively trouble-free. At the time of her death, she was filming a sequel to her hit series, but the good times didn’t last.

Lastly, she was the first actress to be listed in the Time magazine’s Top 100 list of the most influential women in Hollywood. Although her net worth is a mystery, her longevity and philanthropy have given her a deserved place in the aforementioned hall of fame. Hopefully, her memory will be as pristine as her plethora of trophies. Besides her prestigious awards, her dedication to her craft has ensured that her countless fans will always remember her name. So, the next time you’re looking for the best ice cream in town, remember Dorothy and her name.

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