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Dutch Marich’s 2021 American pseudo-documentary film, Horror in the High Desert, is about a hiker who mysteriously vanishes in the High Desert of Nevada. It was written, produced, and directed by Marich. Now, this article provides basic information about the movie and recommends the best video downloader for you to save this movie to your own computer.

Basic Information about Horror in the High Desert


Gary Hinge, a fan of the great outdoors and wilderness survival, vanished in the Nevada desert three years ago. Despite a thorough police search that lasted several months, Gary was never found. A documentary team has now contacted family and friends in an effort to uncover any fresh information. Gary’s final moments, captured on his own camera footage, offer a devastating ending as shocking new information comes to light.

Horror in the High Desert’s writer-director Dustin Marich successfully combines two genres through the use of discovered footage. You can find plenty of evidence of the popularity of true crime infotainment by looking through Netflix’s selection on any given day. Marich uses a combination of discovered footage and fake documentaries to combine a true crime perspective to horror. It’s an almost flawless blend that perfectly utilizes the true crime documentary storytelling structure in a way that supports the horror components in the final act. Horror in the High Desert continues to prolong its fictitious documentary plot after only 82 minutes. However, Marich’s meticulously planned revelations keep you interested thanks to its documentary style.

Basic Information about Horror in the High Desert


  • Extreme hiker Gary Hinge is played by Eric Mencis.
  • Gary’s sister Beverly Hinge is played by Tonya Williams-Ogden.
  • Simon Rodgers, Gary’s roommate, is played by Errol Porter.
  • Private eye William “Bill” Salerno is played by David Morales.
  • Suziey Block plays reporter Gal Roberts.

Release Date

Horror in the High Desert was released on March 13, 2021. Its running time is 82 minutes.


Is Horror in the High Desert worth watching? According to Rotten Tomatoes, the average audience score is 71%. These data show that it is a TV show worth watching.

One viewer commented: Oh my goodness, this was crazily good! I read and heard nothing else about this “produced during the pandemic” movie, despite the positive reviews I had seen, so I wasn’t sure it would measure up to the LB hype. However, I was terribly, terribly WRONG. I really don’t want to give much away since, like everyone else, I think that the best way to enjoy this and most found footage horror is to go in completely blind. Speaking of, I love how, despite telling myself repeatedly that I’m sick of the entire subgenre and that it’s becoming stale, I keep watching it and finding absolute gems like this one. Self-reminder: You can’t get enough of it because you love it so much.

The last 20 minutes of this had me genuinely sighing. The final ten were nearly intolerable! When “shit shit FUCK dammit” is the only thought running through my head, I adore it! This has a unique sense of palpable dread and a straightforward yet unsettling mood that you simply don’t see enough of in movies. It’s my favorite way to watch things because I get completely sucked in, and I was watching it in the dark with my earbuds connected to my Roku remote. I was gripping the remote so tightly that my hand started to ache, and the remote was wet from the sweat on my hand, and honestly, that’s how you know you’re watching a winner! That in no way suggests an addicted personality or an adrenaline junkie, right?

Additionally, I kept wanting the main character to be gay at the beginning, as I probably do with any movie, but it suddenly happened almost as if I willed it. Ha! The terrible drought of 2020 is being made up for by 2021’s diligent efforts.

Where to Watch Horror in the High Desert Online

You can stream Horror in the High Desert on Amazon Prime Video, Roku, or Tubi.

How to Watch Horror in the High Desert Offline

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Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you’ll get general information about Horror in the High Desert and how to download it with Y2Mate Tubi Downloader. You’ll find out that Y2Mate Tubi Downloader makes downloading Tubi videos really fast and easy. Come and try it now!


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