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Franklin Graham Net Worth

Just how much do you know about Franklin Graham? He is the son of the late internationally renowned evangelist William Franklin Graham II, better known as Billy Graham. Like his father, Franklin is a Christian evangelist and missionary who dedicated his life to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In addition to his gospel ministry, he is also: a political activist and this has allowed him in several disputes. Nevertheless, Franklin is still a respected figure outside of Christianity.

William Franklin Graham III was born on the 14th of 1952. July. evangelists Billy Graham and Ruth Graham, Christian authors. He was born in Asheville, North Carolina, as the fourth parent of his five children.

Notable Franklin brothers and sisters are Virginia Leftwich (b. 1945), Anne Graham Lotz (b. 1948), Ruth Graham (b. 1950), and Nelson Edman Graham (b. 1958). ). They are all connected with the Church in one way or another.

Franklin Graham attended a Christian private school in Long Island, New York, known as The Stony Brook School. However, he was unable to complete his studies there because he was exiled.

He later graduated from school in North Carolina. 1970 The preacher’s son entered LeTourneau College in Longview, Texas, but was deported again. This time he was sent in for the mother of the classmate not to miss the allotted time.

Nevertheless, he later entered Montreat College, formerly known as Montreat-Anderson College, in 1974. Graduated with a doctorate. Four years later, Franklin earned a bachelor of arts degree from Appalachian State University.

In his autobiography, Rebel with Reason, Franklin Graham, revealed the knowledge that he needed to demand greater things in service. After the conversion experience he gained in 1974, while in a room in a hotel in Jerusalem before graduating, he pledged to serve God at the age of 22.

Around the time, still in his 20s, the founder of Samaritan’s Purse, Bob Pierce, invited Franklin to accompany him on a 6-week mission to Asia, to which he agreed.

It was during this mission that he received a revelation of his calling to serve. Franklin Graham felt a strong desire to care for the well-being of victims of poverty, disease, famine, war, and natural disasters.

Continuing to work with Samaritan’s Wallet, Franklin was elected to its board in 1978, and the following year, after the death of Bob Pierce, he was elected President of the Humanitarian Aid Organization.

In addition, he now serves as the organization’s general manager and coordinates their humanitarian activities in more than 100 countries around the world. Some of their most famous projects are the Children’s Heart Project and the Christmas child project.

William was ordained to the Grace Community Church in Tempe, Arizona in 1982. He held his first evangelistic event in 1989. And now around the world, Billy is leading crusades (called festivals) on behalf of the Graham Evangelical Association (BGEA). He has preached hundreds of Christian events in more than 38 U.S.

States and more than 49 countries around the world. Franklin became CEO and president of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association in 2001. William Franklin Graham III is still very active in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Given the nature of a career based on faith, the persecution of a scholar and humanitarian worker over the years is not exactly known as the net worth of Franklin Graham.

However, according to several available estimates, it is worth about $ 10 million. His father owned 25 million during that time. USD net worth.

Based on 2014 Franklin was reportedly the highest-paid employee of Samaritan’s Purse, earning $ 622,252 a year. He was criticized in 2009 for receiving total salaries from the Billy Graham Evangelical Association and Samaritan’s Purse.

It amounted to 1.2 million. However, in 2015 It turned out that he had started paying salaries from BGEA again and his earnings were significantly higher than the income of others working in similar and much larger organizations than BGEA.

Franklin Graham is married to Jane JaneCunningham, originally from Smithfield, North Carolina. The couple got married in 1974. And there are parents of four children, all of whom are adults.

Their children are William Franklin Graham IV (Will), born in 1975; Roy Austin Graham followed in 1977; Edward Bell Graham was born in 1979; meanwhile, the youngest Jane Austin Graham Lynch (Cissie) was born in 1986. Of these, Franklin and Jane have about 11 grandchildren.

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