Great Tips for First-Time Buyers for Wholesale Children’s Clothing

If you’ve been thinking of starting your online kids clothing business, there’s never been a better time. Kids clothing is one of the most lucrative niches because of its rapid growth and resilience to market dips and trends.  

According to Forbes, U.S. e-commerce sales totaled $870 billion in 2021. However, forecasts expect that number to grow in the coming year because more people are shopping online via their cell phones.

Therefore, it is better to set up shop now rather than later. But, of course, finding a wholesale supplier for your children’s clothing products is a vital step in this process. 

We’ve outlined some essential tips for first-time wholesale kids clothing buyers. Starting a business may be bumpy, but these guidelines will make your journey much smoother.   

Do Your Research

It’s crucial to research before you choose a wholesale supplier for your business. 

Research the products wholesalers carry and whether they sell the kinds of kids clothing styles you want for your brand. Bella + Canvas, for example, is an excellent wholesale option if your brand focuses on kids casual wear. They have cozy fleece styles in modern cuts and colors that parents and their children love. 

In addition, research deeper into a wholesaler before you choose to work with them, such as doing a background check. 

Plenty of scam sites will take your money and disappear into the Internet ether. Check third-party review sites; ask other business owners in your network; and check the reputation of a wholesaler by requesting a business record from your state government. 

Order Samples

Before you commit to a kids clothing wholesaler or a particular product, ask for product samples. There are three critical reasons to order samples before placing your first wholesale order. 

  • You can inspect the quality of the product. Looking at a picture online differs from holding a hoodie or t-shirt in your hands, which allows you to feel the fabric and inspect the construction. 
  • Ordering samples is a test run for the wholesaler. Evaluate if you are satisfied with their customer service, turnaround times, and delivery methods. 
  • It establishes a relationship with the wholesaler. Vendor and client relationships are vital to running a successful clothing business. Ordering samples shows you are serious about committing and making a good impression.

When ordering wholesale kids clothing samples, be detailed about what you need. Include measurements, colors, and model numbers. Also, keep the model number and wholesale tag with each sample, if you order from different suppliers. 

Don’t Overbuy

Releasing a new product is exciting, but practice restraint. Don’t buy large quantities of various fleece pullovers, hoodies, and sweatpants. Instead, start with smaller amounts of each item. Of course, your wholesaler will still be there when you need to reorder. 

You don’t know which products will be bestsellers when you first launch your business. So hold off on purchasing large bulk orders, as your shoppers may surprise you. What you think is an awesome product may only sell a few times. Meanwhile, shoppers may be ecstatic over an utterly unexpected item. 

Start small, then reorder wholesale kids clothing accordingly. This approach will save you money, help you streamline your workflow, and make ordering more efficient.  

Quality vs. Quantity

There are a lot of upfront costs to starting a kids clothing boutique. So while it’s wise to cut costs and search for sales, don’t sacrifice the quality of your wholesale products for a lower price. 

Parents value-shop for kids clothes that are affordable and durable. That’s why it’s imperative that you find children’s clothing wholesalers that provide well-made apparel with high-quality fabrics. With some research, you can find wholesalers offering reasonable prices. 

While you should prepare to spend a bit more than bottom prices for well-made wholesale apparel, conversely, don’t break the bank either. You must find the right balance between quality and quantity to maintain positive profit margins. 

Keep it Simple

There are plenty of elaborate styles and cuts available for wholesale children’s clothing. However, it’s best to stick to simple, classic styles because they are time-tested sure sellers.

Parents and kids want comfortable, easy-to-wear, and stylish clothing. Go with staples like kids fleece, t-shirts, and sweatpants. These evergreen styles will always sell, regardless of the season. 

In addition, choose fabrics that are soft and easy to clean. Polycotton, poly fleece, and Airlume cotton are top wholesale kids clothing choices. These fabrics are durable, breathable, and naturally soft. 

Learn from Competitors

Look to your top competitors to gage what kinds of wholesale kids apparel you’ll need for your business. 

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. See what styles and cuts are bestsellers for other brands, and follow their lead. Then, put your brand’s unique twist on a classic zip-up hoodie or cotton tee to immediately attract buyers. 

Also, researching the competitors in your niche market helps you to price your products. Retail pricing is a tricky business, but observing the market will help. 

Generally, the price of your products should be two to two-and-a-half times higher than the wholesale price you paid for the garments. But, of course, if you compete with luxury children’s brands, that markup will be even higher.


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