How Much Are Nose Piercings

What Is The Piercing?

Piercing is a type of body modification, which consists of the artificial creation of a puncture, in which jewelry is subsequently worn. Nose piercings are the second most popular type of piercing after ear piercing. Piercing of the wing of the nose is very popular among girls, so girls emphasize their individuality, belonging to any subculture, or simply, thus, challenge society.

What Does The Price Depend On?

The price category of nose wing piercing is quite wide. It may seem like a cheap procedure, but in fact, it will be an expensive procedure when the piercing is performed by a person with medical education, in a well-equipped, sterile salon with titanium or medical metal decoration. Piercing earrings made of medical metal and titanium are safe, as the risk of rejection is almost minimized.

Due to such a high cost for this procedure, the appearance of a “home” piercing has given rise to a price category, which has been reduced significantly. The reduction in the price of the procedure depends on the inexperience of the master who makes the piercing, such people most often do not have a medical education and basic knowledge of sterility and antiseptics.

Types Of Services And Cost

Types of piercing services and their cost depend on whether you will use the salon decoration. If the salon is good and the masters in it have a medical education and certificates that allow them to carry out this procedure, then when buying jewelry from such masters, you can be sure that this jewelry is of the highest quality. Further, to all of the above, we add the work of the master.

A good master appreciates his work, so about 30-40% of the amount usually falls on the work of the master. The price tag also includes consumables, of which a competent craftsman should have a lot. To pierce the wing of the nose (as well as any other area), you need an antiseptic, a cosmetic cap, the earring itself, a needle with a cannula (it must be sterile and be in a package that is opened in your presence), cosmetic wipes and scissors.

The earring itself and the scissors should be wrapped in a sterile cloth moistened with an antiseptic to prevent the occurrence of suppuration and viral diseases. The master is also required to comply with the rules of sterility and be in a mask, hat, and gloves. Some salons may use a local anesthetic at the request of the client.

Thus, summing up, having come to the salon you will be offered the following types of services for piercing the wing of the nose:

  • Puncture with client’s earring.
  • Puncture with an earring from the salon.
  • Puncture with a client’s earring using an anesthetic.
  • Puncture with an earring from the salon using an anesthetic.

Services are listed in order from lowest price to highest price.

Approximate Price Category

As already described above, the price of nose piercings depends on many factors. This procedure will be most expensive in cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. Prices for nose piercings in salons start at $14 and reach up to 4 thousand. But the average price is $15-$20.

In St. Petersburg, the price tag is lower, but not significantly. Nose piercings prices range from $10 to $40. The average price is $15-$20.

It should be noted that the considered prices apply only to salons! Piercing that is performed at home, the price will be much lower and does not depend on the city, since the price does not include the rent for the salon.

How, Where, And From Whom To Buy And Order The Service?

Piercing should be treated quite responsibly. Before performing, think carefully about whether you need a piercing of the wing of the nose. After the puncture, it is necessary for a certain time (a month or more, everything is individual) to treat the puncture site and try to protect the nose from microbes getting on it as much as possible.

After the final decision on the wing of the nose piercings, choose a salon and a master who will perform this procedure. Approach this issue responsibly. In the age of information technology, this is quite easy to do.

On the Internet, you can find websites of salons, and pages of masters. Look at the work of the master, and reviews. A good piercing master should have enough work and reviews. The site must provide the contacts of the master (phone number) by which the master can answer your questions.

Some masters can arrange a personal meeting where you can discuss all the details. Feel free to ask questions to the master and during the conversation try to get as much information as possible from the master and follow all the recommendations given by the master.

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