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Choosing the best maths classes for selves is always a tedious job to do. Even if you get your maths classes, does that guarantee you an interactive lesson plan which will ensure good marks? Well, Cuemath does. In our maths classes, the lessons are not only engaging and interactive but also attempted towards the best possible way how to prepare a student for their career in maths.

We will be guiding you with an overall mathematical concept related to vast topics in maths.

In Cuemath, we study various mathematical topics, starting from algebra, functions, geometry, statistics, and probability. Likewise, we will be studying ‘BODMAS’ as another mathematical concept.

A New Way of Attending Maths Class – Online Maths Class

The platform of study is changing. Now your study is not restricted to the four walls of a classroom. The new change in the platform has a lot of benefits.

In recent years, online maths classes have started growing rapidly. Lakhs of students are opting for online maths classes which render them with surplus advantages.

Why Should Students Opt for Online Maths Classes?

Students opt for online classes for many good reasons. Following are two main reasons:

Flexibility in Study:

Rushing for school in time so that you do not miss your maths class in the first period, or yawning at 7 in the morning while you sit in your classroom to attend the maths class? Not anymore! For now, the world has changed. The study routine of the students is also changed. They can be curtailed according to your preferences. You can take your maths classes at any time of the day. Also, you will not miss any family vacation, as you can attend your maths classes literally from anywhere around the globe, with only having a smartphone and internet connection.

A Student Can Move on His or Her Own Pace:

Online classes are best, especially when it is about studying a critical subject. You can sit and attend the classes in your comfort and from the home. Also, the students can move at their own pace. If they are studying any difficult study they can take it easy.

How Does Cuemath Help?

Cuemath provides the same for the students who want to avail the of online maths classes from the comfort of home. Cuemath engages the students in extensive and overall mathematical concepts which help the students to gain good basics in their Mathematics Study. Cuemath is an Online Mathematics Platform, where the contents are curated based on the requirement of the students. Vast topics are delivered for a student’s understanding process.

What is BODMAS?

BODMAS is an acronym for a system that helps us in evaluating the expression which is involved in the basic tasks of maths. A mathematical expression will consist of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, bracket, and of. So, how does BODMAS help in solving the mathematical expression?

BODMAS is the rule which helps us in solving the mathematical expression in a simplified manner. In a complicated mathematical equation, there are many expressions, we get confused about which mathematical expression to deal with first? In this case, BODMAS helps us in resolving this confusion.

The full form of BODMAS is:

  • Brackets
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

Thus, with the help of BODMAS, we can understand that first, we have to solve the brackets in a mathematical expression, then solve the division, then the multiplication, addition, and lastly the subtraction.

This discussion was primarily based on maths classes. How the students can avail the best maths classes and the benefits of maths classes are all discussed in this content. We also have discussed BODMAS, which is a systematic method for operating mathematical expressions. You can visit Cuemath for more such mathematical knowledge.

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