How To Choose The Cell Phone Holder For Your Car

The most comfortable and safest way to carry your mobile in the car is with special support.

These accessories are ideal for having your smartphone always in sight, but without taking risks while driving. If you are thinking of buying one, we tell you everything you need to know to choose a quality one.

What Is A Cell Phone Holder?

What Is A Cell Phone Holder?
What Is A Cell Phone Holder?

A cell phone holder for a car is a tool whose raison d’être is to support the use of the cell phone inside the car while we are driving. It usually consists of a small structure of plastic material on which the phone is placed. It should be fixed either on the windshield or on the dashboard.

How To Choose The Cell Phone Holder?

Smartphones and cars are two fairly important components of our lives. To this day, we use our phones not only to communicate with other people but also to do most other important days.

And those who drive will probably easily agree that there are usually no suitable places in the cars to store their smart and for that reason have to buy a phone holder.

Car phone holders are very diverse and to this day we can find a wide variety of solutions from just a euro or a little more, to a few dozen.

But which phone holder to buy and what to look out for? That is what we will try to find out. One of the most important criteria when choosing such a product is safety and functionality.

One of the most important aspects to consider is where you plan to install your car phone holder.

The holder mustn’t interfere with your visibility, but at the same time, you do not want to have to look too far to the side while driving to see what is going on in your phone. Another important thing is stability.

If you often have to drive on uneven roads and your holder is constantly moving, your phone is moving too, which can make it more difficult to quickly check for recent emails or similar.

Be that as it may, we believe that car phone holders should be chosen to meet three criteria. First of all, it should be installed somewhere in the middle of the front of the car (whether it’s the windshield, or it’s the front panel, or the ventilation grille).

The second important criterion is that it should be easily accessible to the driver. And the third criterion that is very important is the suitability of the holder for your smartphone.

Why Is It Important To Buy A Cell Phone Car Holder?

Cell phone car holders have two main functions: By placing the cell phone in one place, it gives us access to it while we are driving. The second is safety, as they in turn reduce the risk of causing an accident due to the distraction it could cause.

Every time, the number of accidents is on the rise, caused by these oversights when driving and going with the cell phone. Either by answering a message, checking a social network, or seeing the route to reach a destination. For this reason and the authorities are pending to lift infractions.

Therefore, the car cell phone holder is used to access the device as a telephone −making phone calls with the hands-free function− or as a navigator, but it also provides greater road safety and reduces the chances of having an accident or receiving a fine. traffic.

How And Where Is The Car Cell Phone Holder Placed In The Vehicle?

As we already saw in the list of the three best cell phone holder

 , the various models offer different alternatives for placing the holder inside the vehicle.

The best known are those that adhere to the windshield using a suction cup or pacifier as we call it in Mexico. The mobile screen will be at a driver’s eye level.

However, other types adhere to the board with resistant adhesives. This position is commonly for horizontally oriented brackets, so as not to further obstruct the view of the windshield.

Finally, other models are anchored with clips that are embedded in the ventilation slots of the car.

What Are Cell Phone Car Holders Made Of?

What Are Cell Phone Car Holders Made Of?
What Are Cell Phone Car Holders Made Of?

The manufacturing materials of the supports also vary depending on the model that we select. They are usually plastic. The price parameter of the cell phone car holder is about the material of the product. The most accessible are the plastic ones and the most expensive are the carbon fiber and stainless steel ones.

But, how do know which is the right material? This will depend on the place where we will place it and what type of cell phone we are going to use.

In the first case, keep in mind that direct exposure to the sun on the windshield or dashboard has a corrosive effect on the paint, discoloring ordinary plastic supports. and The heavier the cell phone, the more resistance we will need.

Are Cell Phone Car Holders Good For Anything Else?

The car cell phone holder fulfills its task perfectly, although many models incorporate other features apart from providing support. The two best known are device ventilation to prevent overheating and battery charging by contact or via USB.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Cell Phone Car Holder?

As in any purchase of any product, it is appropriate that you analyze it before purchasing it. Make a list of the benefits it brings and the flaws. Next, we have prepared a table with the main advantages and disadvantages that you should keep in mind before buying your cell phone car mount:


  • Simple design and assembly
  • cheap price
  • Increase safety at the wheel
  • Allows charging (some models)


  • Takes up space inside the car
  • Possible aesthetic imbalance


As we have already seen, the main characteristics, qualities, disadvantages, outstanding models, and purchase criteria of cell phone car holders.

The choice belongs to the buyer, who surely already has enough information to be able to choose without fear of making a mistake. The best purchases are those that culminate in a process of investigation, analysis, and comparison.

They are a great preventive ally of accidents, taking care of road safety. Its use is especially indicated for those professionals who require access to the cell phone while driving and also for users who cannot leave anyone on hold and need to answer a call when they are behind the wheel.

The different characteristics within the variety of models available in the market, with a range of really accessible prices, allow us to choose a cell phone holder for a car that meets our needs, characteristics, and aesthetic tastes.

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