How To Know Who Does Not follow You On Instagram And Twitter?

This article is about How to know who does not follow you on Instagram and Twitter. You will also know what strategies you can apply when you know who they are. Through various tools, you can find information about these social networks.

Why Is It Important To Know Who Follows Or Not?

There are many reasons why you would like to know who does not follow you on Instagram or Twitter or any other social network. One of them may be to do a study of your community.

It is interesting to know what type of profiles follow or unfollow you to review your actions on these social networks and study if you are reaching the audience that interests you.

Another reason may be to know what type of content works best. There are content or publications that work better than others, and knowing this will allow you to optimize your strategy based on the response that users have after your publications.

It could also be that you are carrying out a general strategy for growth in social networks. To see if your goals are being met, you will be interested in knowing who is following you and taking action.

If you have held an event, you will be able to measure the impact by observing how many people have started following you as a result of said event. 

For other types of strategies and follow-up, you can also consider unfollowing some accounts that do not follow you.

Why Do They Unfollow On Instagram Or Twitter?

There may be two main reasons why they stop following you on Instagram or Twitter or other social networks.

The first of them is because they are not interested in your content, or they have stopped liking your publications. See how to make cool posts with these examples.

The second reason why they may unfollow you is that they are taking Follow-Unfollow actions. A technique widely used in social networks to “inflate” the number of followers of an account is to do Follows – Unfollows.

This consists in that users are going to follow you and then stop following you if you do not return the following, or worse, when they see that you have already followed them.

Online Solutions To Find Out Who Does Not Follow On Instagram

 Unfollow on Instagram

Until recently, there were many tools to find out who does not follow me on Instagram. However, since the end of 2016, Instagram made a major change to its API that caused these third-party services to stop working. Now many of these services are mobile applications, However, there are still a couple of tools for this.


It is one of the few websites that allows you to identify those people who have unfollowed you on Instagram without having to resort to a mobile application.

The interface is very intuitive since it orders all the information in a side menu:

  • Accounts that you follow but have not returned the following
  • Followers of your Instagram profile that you do not follow
  • Mutual follow-ups
  • Users who used to follow you but no longer do
  • New Instagram accounts to follow
  • A list of the accounts that follow you
  • The profiles that you follow
  • Whitelist of allowed
  • Blacklist


These last two features are very useful when optimizing your time since they will allow you to archive Instagram accounts and thus avoid accidental follows and unfollows.

In the white list of allowed we will add people that we do not want to unfollow on Instagram, usually celebrities, references, and close friends. In this way, we will avoid unfollowing them for any reason.

The blacklist is often used to include those accounts that we have unfollowed for some reason and do not want to accidentally follow again in the future. In this way, the tool marks those users when you go to look for new profiles to follow.


This tool is fully automatic and, although it does not allow you to see who does not follow on Instagram, after connecting with the account you can start removing those profiles that have stopped following on Instagram simply by clicking “Start”. 

To do this, it is necessary to activate the “Mutual” box, since otherwise, it would cease to follow indiscriminately. The tool is limited to 200 profiles per day.

You will be able to add profiles to a whitelist and thus you will never stop following them.

Mobile Applications To Know Who Does Not Follow On Instagram

In the mobile field, the application offer is much broader, having several options for each operating system. The good thing about using apps to see who doesn’t follow you on Instagram is that you can check all the information from your smartphone at any time.

 Followers Insight for Instagram

This application is open for both Android and iOS. With the Followers Insight for the Instagram app, you’ll be able to conscientiously monitor your community and find out who doesn’t follow you on Instagram, as well as other features.

Among others, you will have access to the following data:

  • Monitor your followers
  • See how many followers you have gained and lost in the last few days
  • Detect who does not return the following
  • Discover which followers are the ones who like your publications the most
  • Quickly and mass unfollow accounts that have unfollowed you

Followers +

Followers + is an app that you can find on Android and iOS. It has a very neat interface and offers you various information about your Instagram community.

The interesting thing is that you will be able to see the data on the increase or decrease of your followers, photos, or likes since the last time you entered the app.

You will be able to access the following data:

  • Fame value
  • Acclaim value
  • Ghost followers
  • Total Followers
  • Photos
  • Total likes
  • Photos per week
  • Like per photo

You can also see the lost followers, and identify who has unfollowed you on Instagram, among other options. All this with the free account.


Iconsquare is an analytics tool for Android and iOS that helps you track your profile on Instagram. Unlike the rest of the apps, you will not be able to know exactly which accounts have stopped following you, since it only shows numerical and graphical data.

However, this tool will allow you to get to know your community better than the previous ones, as it offers more information.

You will be able to know from which countries your followers are mostly from, the number of likes and comments received, the followers gained and lost, the posts published, etc.

And you can segment all this so that the graphs and data are shown from the last 3 months, or in shorter periods such as in the last week.

 Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram

Another very useful app is Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram. It is only available for Android and has a very intuitive interface.

In addition to giving you the ability to see who is not following you on Instagram, the application allows you to stop following them at the touch of a button.

You will also be able to see how many phantom followers you have, mutual followers, and even create whitelists.

 Followers for Instagram

Like the rest of the tools that you are looking at, with this app for iOS you will be able to see who does not follow you on Instagram. The interface is very simple, having the information very well classified in different tabs.

Among the most outstanding information that you can find if you download this app are:

  • New followers
  • Followers who have unfollowed you
  • People who do not follow you and that you do-follow
  • Accounts that follow you and that you do not follow
  • Ghost followers that don’t interact with your content
  • Users who post near your location

 The Tools To Know Who Does Not Follow On Twitter

Not follow on Twitter


It is one of the online marketing tools that we see in the Community Manager course because it is one of the most complete since it not only lets you know who does not follow you on Twitter, but you can do many more things with it.

It has many other features that make it a very versatile tool that will provide you with very relevant data. With Manageflitter you can:

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Find relevant profiles to connect with.
  • Obtain growth statistics with graphs.
  • Schedule Tweets at your best times.
  • Manageflitter will allow you to segment your audience with some very interesting filters. For example, you can see which profiles in your community are not Spanish, which are not very active on Twitter, or which have a low follow ratio.

Of course, you will be able to see who does not follow you on Twitter, and also the tool will give you the option to select those accounts to stop massively following them.

It will also allow you to carry out searches to follow profiles that massively interest you.


Statusbrew is one of the most complete tools due to the configuration possibilities it offers. After connecting your Twitter account you will see two main options, “Post” and “Community”.

  • Post: The post section will allow you to schedule tweets at the times you choose, and even upload an image attached to those tweets. You will also be able to establish some publication hours, and add publications to the queue so that they are published in those hours in the Buffer style. On the other hand, you will have statistics of the publications sent, and of the failed ones.
  • Community: In this section, you have many drivers that will allow you to filter and segment your community. You can sort your community based on their activity, their number of tweets, the age of their account, or even the last time they posted a tweet. On the other hand, you will be able to see your false followers or those who do not have a profile photo and do a cleaning to eliminate them if they do not interest you.

You can also do interesting things within the same tool, such as track mentions, copy followers, search for tweets, keywords, or hashtags.

Another rather curious function is the possibility of changing the normal display mode, to the graph, which will show you the data and percentages visually. Also with the premium account, you can download all these reports in PDF or CSV format.

 Audiense (Antigua Socialbro)

SocialBro is now called Audiense. This tool will allow you to manage several accounts, have segmented target audiences or audiences and detect people with influence in your sector to get to know their community and connect with them.

With audiense you can access a panel where you will be shown all those people who do not follow you and have the option to unfollow who does not interest you.

The interesting thing about Audiense is the filtering system that will allow you to see if you have inactive followers or spam, for example.

You can also analyze people’s behavior, see what they talk about on Twitter to see what content is the most relevant to them and what arouses more interest in your community.

Audiense is also an analytical tool that will show you relevant data about your growth, showing you graphs and statistics on the progress of your accounts over time.

What To Do When You Find Out That Someone Does Not Follow You On Instagram Or Twitter?

Once you have used any of these tools to find out who does not follow you on Instagram or Twitter, you must decide if you want to try to re-engage those users and get them to follow you in one way or another. Or on the contrary, forget about them.

If you try to “hook them” again, you must apply community management strategies and make an effort to provide them with something of added value, which will make them finally decide to follow your publications by following strategies

You can, for example, interact with them, like their content, comment on their posts or even follow them if you haven’t done it before.

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