How To See Who Liked Your Comment On YouTube

Wondering who showed you some honey by liking that comment you left on YouTube? If so, you are not alone.

YouTube allows you to comment on anything on the forum as long as the content owner agrees. It could be a commentary on a song, a tutorial on recipes, a fun clip that has been trending for a while, or even a comment on somebody else’s comment.

Whether you’re a content creator, artist, or just a fan, getting likes on a comment can be incredibly exciting.

When someone likes your comment, it suggests they agree with your feelings or slightly find what you are telling funny, thoughtful, or even encouraging.

It’s only realistic to want to find out who these people are, even if it’s just their names and where they come from. So, can you check who liked your comment on YouTube? Keep reading to find out.

How To See Who Liked Your Comment On Youtube?

How To See Who Liked Your Comment On Youtube?
How To See Who Liked Your Comment On Youtube?

While YouTube was created as a platform for people to watch videos (music, movies, home clips, etc.), in recent years it has become a powerful tool for creators to share their ideas and visions. with the world.

From snippets of local sporting events to home cooking tutorials, live comedy shows, and music concerts, YouTube offers an accessible path to creativity and self-promotion.

Comments have evolved a natural part of the YouTube ecosystem. YouTube’s comments section uses pretty much the same graphic layout as it started.

For the most part, the comments are fairly low-key and mostly contain positive messages like, “Great job, Ken. I am your biggest fan. And the best part? Viewers can leave a thumbs-up to show they like a comment.

But why is taste so important, you might ask.

Research suggests that social validation recreates a role in maintaining our moods. He also speculates that the human psyche responds positively to the encouragement of any kind. To that end, getting likes on YouTube could make you feel happier and more energized.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to verify who liked your comment on YouTube, at least for now. While YouTube sends you a notification every time someone likes your comment, it doesn’t reveal that person’s identity.

YouTube doesn’t define the exact reason why they don’t reveal this information, but there are several plausible arguments.

First, keeping it anonymous helps protect and maintain user security and privacy. Exposing your data to other users can leave you powerless to phishing, blackmail, or aggressive marketing campaigns for products you don’t need.

Plus, not everyone on YouTube will agree with your feelings. Even if your comment draws hundreds or thousands of likes, it can still rub some the wrong way.

You may be the target of personal attacks and hate messages simply because your views do not align with someone else’s ideas, beliefs, or political inclinations.

Privacy seems to be an issue that YouTube has taken very seriously. Company policy states that it does not exchange user data, and a lot is being done to ensure that people cannot easily take advantage of users.

Additionally, YouTube’s operational framework doesn’t seem to place much value on likes on comments.

While likes have the feel-good factor and can encourage users to spend more time watching new content and engaging other users on the platform, they are not factored into the system. company award.

You will not be recognized even if your comment attracts the most likes. This is probably another reason why they prefer to keep identities a secret.

Additional FAQs

What transpires when you post a comment on YouTube?

When you post a comment, it is stored in the YouTube database next to your username. Other elements captured have the video ID, timestamp, and parent comment ID if you are responding to someone else’s comment.

Any positive or negative votes you receive are stored as numbers. The details of the users behind these likes are not captured. Their identities don’t seem to matter, at least to YouTube developers.

What happens when someone likes your comment on YouTube?

When some people vote for your comment, you are immediately rewarded with a point below the comment. Each “like” is equivalent to a point. Unlike views, however, preferences are not redeemable and cannot make you monetary rewards.

How To View YouTube Reviews On Android

First, open the YouTube app on your equipment, and then start playing your sense of loving video (To do this, simply touch your cover ), according to the voice interpretation [[ North ] (below your name) and scroll appreciation for reading explain. Very easy, isn’t it?

If the popularity Yaoan comments or write time to sort comments, please click on the icon with three adjustment bars (top right corner of the comments section), and then select the appropriate item of the most popular comments o from recently, according to your like.

How To View YouTube Reviews On iPhone

Open the YouTube app, start playing the video and read the comments in the related section.

To continue, please open the “iPhone by” YouTube application, and then start playing your sense of loving video (To do this, you must touch cover your sense of content hobby), click on the wording of interpretation [[ North ] generated content channels Below the name. Finally, scroll through the available explanations.

If necessary, of the comments sorted by popularity or date of publication: To do this, press with three modulating bars (top right in the comments section), and then select an item popular commentary o from recently, according to your Demand.

How To Disable Comments On YouTube

Disable Comments On YouTube
Disable Comments On YouTube

If you want to know how to deactivate comments on YouTube because for whatever reason you do not want anyone to comment on the content of the videos on your channel, we will tell you the steps.

You just have to open the YouTube application on your mobile device and click on your profile image. Now go to YouTube Studio and in the menu on the left click on videos. Click on the title or thumbnail of the video where you are going to disable comments. Go to the “Advanced” tab and connect on “Comments and Ratings”. Uncheck the box next to “Allow all comments.” Then connect on save.

They Love You, They Love You Not

You may have come across people asking you to install a link or visit a website to check who liked your comment on YouTube. Do not fall into the trap: it is not possible. Until YouTube agrees to reveal the identities of those who enjoy the comments, we can only appreciate that someone shares our point of view.

On the other hand, hiding the identities of those who like your comments is probably a good thing when it comes to safety and security as a user. If identities were public, crooks could use your comments as bait to lure you in and end up stealing your data for selfish gain.

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