How To Strengthen Hair

In the spring, many people notice that their hair has become weak and falls out intensely. How to strengthen hair, we learned from experts. That early spring is a difficult period for our skin and hair. Unfavorable external conditions and lack of vitamins also affect. Recall that with a deficiency of nutrients, hair and skin are supplied according to the residual principle. Plus, past respiratory diseases, during which the body suffers from hypoxia (lack of oxygen). It also negatively affects the hair.

Pay Attention To Diet

Pay Attention To Diet
Pay Attention To Diet

For hair, as well as for the body as a whole, what we eat is important. If the hair has become weak and falls out intensely, check if you have iron deficiency anemia (anemia). Iron deficiency can cause hair loss. Recall that anemia is a low level of hemoglobin in the body.

It is a red blood cell pigment that contains iron. With its deficiency, tissues suffer from a lack of oxygen. A properly formulated diet will help to cope with anemia. Iron is best absorbed by the body from animal products. Add lean red meat varieties to your menu. 

Iron from plant sources is absorbed worse. This element is better processed in the presence of copper and ascorbic acid. Therefore, you should increase the number of foods with copper and vitamin C. Eat buckwheat, liver, seafood, nuts, currants, citrus fruits, and cranberries.

Vitamin Therapy

Biotin and folic acid. The general function of these vitamins is participation in cell division. If we talk about hair, then the formation of new cells occurs in an adult in the hair growth zone inside the hair follicle. Due to this, the growth of the hair shaft occurs.

calcium and magnesium. These microelements are necessary for the construction of the hair frame. Thanks to these substances, the hair thickens in volume and grows much faster.

Zinc. Participates in the formation of keratin – a protein that is the basis of the hair – cortex.

The upper protective layer of the hair is formed from the same protein. It is represented by several layers of transparent keratin scales. If we get enough zinc, then the curls look shiny, and elastic and do not break as a result of external influences.

Copper. This trace element is involved in the formation of pigments. With a sufficient amount of this trace element, the hair will have its natural color without signs of early gray hair.

Professional Treatment

In the case of increased hair loss from shampoos and masks, as a rule, there is little sense. It is necessary to solve the problem in a complex way together with a trichologist. The specialist, after an appropriate examination, can prescribe procedures to strengthen and restore the hairline on the head.

What is special about laser treatment? The laser can affect the problem of hair loss in three ways. First, it enhances blood circulation in the scalp. This speeds up the metabolism and improves the supply of cells with oxygen and nutrients.

Thus, we stimulate the growth of hair that has already entered the stage of formation. Secondly, laser exposure stimulates the area between the hair follicle and the muscles. Stem cells are concentrated here, which can accelerate the formation of new hair.

Thirdly, using a laser beam, we “cut through” macropores in the skin. After such a procedure, you can apply any solution we need with biologically active elements that will be delivered to the deep layers of the skin. This will avoid injections into the scalp. Such treatment will be painless, but will not lose its effectiveness.”

Another useful procedure for increased hair loss is mesotherapy. According to Raziyat Aliyeva, preparations with vitamins and peptides are used here, which accelerate the restoration of hair density. Do mesotherapy course. On average, 10 sessions or more may be required.


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