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Ideas For Contemporary Living Room Designs

The decoration of the contemporary living room has spread like a flame when lighting the wick because it is a fresh, pleasant style and with which you can be very comfortable in the most important space of the home.

Would you like to know how to decorate a contemporary room? The secrets that contemporary salons have? Keep reading because we are going to get you all.

Characteristics Of All Contemporary Living Rooms

Characteristics Of All Contemporary Living Rooms
Characteristics Of All Contemporary Living Rooms

Before we get to talking about what are the characteristics of each element of the room, let’s talk about what would be the characteristics of the decoration of a contemporary room.

Smooth, smooth colors

The walls of a contemporary living room are smooth, with a soft and direct color.

You can use the combination of colors, and even wallpaper, as long as it creates a beautiful visual effect and is on one or two walls.

Combination of materials

While other styles use a single material as a reference, in the case of a contemporary living room, wood, stone, and metal are combined.

All these materials must be present in the decoration of contemporary rooms, or you will never be able to consider it as such and you will have failed.

Get to the point, eliminate the unnecessary

Here it is not intended that the space is only functional, but that it is direct. You do not have to have unnecessary things that you are not going to use or take advantage of later.

In other words, what is only going to be a living room? Well, only worry about sofas, textiles and the odd piece of furniture. What is going to be a salon? Mount it in such a way that the space is well used and your ability shows.

Large pieces of art

The more a piece of art stands out, the more character and value your contemporary living room will have. Large paintings, sculptures, vases. everything influences!

Floor And Walls In The Decoration Of A Contemporary Living Room

Do you have your room empty and ready to get to work with it? Great! As a first step when decorating a contemporary room, we are going to work with the floor and the walls.

What type of soil is the best?

There are two widely used options in contemporary room interior design. On the one hand, there is the parquet. Some people prefer wood over the rest of the materials because it is more comfortable to step on and gives more life to the room.

The problem? What is a material that requires a lot of maintenance, so over time you will have to take care of stabbing it, especially if you have animals?

The second material for the floor is marble tiles. In light or dark tone, depending on the color you choose for the wall. Somewhat more expensive, but in the long run more durable, so you will worry less about the condition of the floor in your living room.

And for the walls?

Before we have told you that in the decoration of contemporary rooms, especially soft or neutral colors are used. Colors like gray, white, earth type, black, brown, or even red for the most daring.

And surely you wonder, in the decoration of a contemporary room, you can not use wallpaper? On the contrary, it can and is used. It is just that this option is used to highlight a part of the room.

For example, wallpaper is put on the wall where the television is located, with a striking and beautiful color pattern. Thus, that area stands out from the rest of what is in the room.

You also have the option of painting the walls in two colors. One will be the main color that will cover three of the walls, while the second will be a primary color to frame a part of the room.

This is where you can use a color like black or red. What happens is that when using these types of colors, to make them look good in the living room you will have to combine them with the upholstery of the sofa.

Something on the roof?

Sometimes, in the interior design of contemporary rooms, a ceiling with wooden beams, a skylight, or some detail is used to make it special.

However, this can take a lot of your budget, so our advice is to leave it aside for now.

You can do it later as an addition to add a little more value to your living room, so don’t worry. When decorating your contemporary room, give more importance to the walls and the floor.

Furniture For A Contemporary Living Room, What To Look For?

Now that your living room is painted and the furniture is ready, let’s start talking about the furniture you will need to decorate contemporary living rooms.

Straight lines prevail over curves

Although you may like the furniture to have some curves, and even have some striking details, perhaps we will flatten them a bit by telling you that the furniture for decorating a contemporary style living room is quite simple.

You are looking for the simple, the simple, with straight lines. Of course, the furniture does not have to be completely straight and appears to be uneven, which gives it a lot of character.

All the materials coexist in harmony in the living room

This is important, anyone looking for a contemporary decoration for the living room will need to combine the materials in this space so that they coexist in harmony.

In other words, use the wood for the coffee table and the TV cabinet, the metal for the sofa and the stone can be incorporated through a decorative object.

Or combine both, with a table with a stone board and wooden or steel legs. Glass is also welcome, albeit a bit bohemian, but it could look good in the space.

Choose the color carefully

This is something very important: you will have to choose carefully the color of the furniture. You might like the idea of ​​having a white living room. However, this ends up being overwhelming in the long run.

If the walls are very light in color, look for a dark color for the wood as possible. The same as for the upholstery of the sofas, only, in a slightly lighter tone, so that they stand out something.

On the other hand, if the walls are very dark, leave the light colors for the furniture in the room. And as we have told you before, if when you painted the wall you put two colors, try to make the sofa the same color as the second chosen one. So it will be luxurious.

How big is the furniture?

As much as the space you have in your living room allows you. In a contemporary living room, you can buy large dining room furniture, that is, by modules, a large sofa (it can be a chaise longue or not), a large coffee table.

The bigger everything is, the better because the more it will stand out in this space and the better it will look in your contemporary living room. Over time, you will even like to see everything there, occupying that space.

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