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Jamila T Davis Net Worth – How Much Jamila T Davis Is Worth?

Jamila T Davis Net Worth – How Much Jamila T Davis Is Worth?

Jamila T Davis is an American author, educator, community activist and prison reformer. She is currently housed at the Danbury Federal Prison Camp for Women in Connecticut.

Born on July 11, 1977, in New York City, she is a member of the Cancer zodiac. Her parents struggled with poverty in the South and overcame this by providing their children with a good life.

During her teenage years, Davis became involved with drugs and a drug dealer. It was during this time that her values were changed. However, she maintained a steady stream of A’s in school. Then, she met her first love. This encounter is what ultimately led to her incarceration. After her conviction, she began to advocate for herself and create her self-help curriculum. These lessons taught her that she can turn a setback into a success.

Eventually, Jamila found her calling as a community activist. Her books, which have been adapted into the education system and other prison systems, have helped women who are incarcerated recognize their own potential. Having a strong sense of self and empathy for others, she uses her pen and pad to overcome adversity.

As a result, she created her own self-help curriculum to help incarcerated women regain their sense of self and recapture their dreams. Her work has been featured on VH1’s “My True Crime Story”, Black Enterprise, Forbes, and on the popular TV show “The Breakfast Club” with Charlaine Tha God.

In addition to her education and activism, Jamila T Davis is a successful entrepreneur. She has a net worth of about $3 million. When she was a teenager, Jamila was a drug dealer and a party girl. She met her first love when she was in high school. She was also involved in a group of real estate agents and mortgage brokers. By the time she was 25, she was a millionaire.

Fortunately, the Lehman Brothers’ collapse seven years ago did not put Davis in jail for long. As a result, she is able to earn a substantial income from her writing. Currently, she has a monthly salary of $50k. She also has a son named Kywuan Warren. Though the details of their relationship are unclear, there is a growing possibility that Jamila and her husband are back together.

Despite her success as a celebrity, Jamila Davis’s experience in the criminal justice system has taught her that the little guys are often left behind in the courtroom. In her book, Jamila details how the justice system has treated her. But, she has also revealed how she has found the strength to fight for herself.

Throughout her journey, Jamila has forged valuable business partnerships, which have helped her become a multi-millionaire. She was signed to be the face of Pretty Polly in a high-profile advertising campaign. Moreover, she has appeared on the front covers of magazines like Cosmopolitan and on the posters of Reebok.

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