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Jeff Sutton Net Worth

Jeff Sutton Net Worth

Jeff Sutton is a real estate entrepreneur who owns a large portfolio of properties in New York City. He is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and is a Syrian Jewish descendant. His wife is Rachel, and they have five children. Some of his properties include 91 Ocean Avenue, which is a 9,196-square-foot home. The property is located on seven acres and has 350 feet of beachfront. His net worth is 2.5 Billion USD.

Jeff Sutton is a New York-based entrepreneur who founded Wharton Properties, a real estate company that owns more than 115 properties in the city. In addition, he is an active member of various charitable organizations. A former judge, Sutton also served as Chair of the Advisory Committee on Appellate Rules of the Judicial Conference of the United States from 2009 to 2012.

Jeff Sutton started his career in the real estate industry in 1981, after he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He became an expert at leasing properties to top designer brands, and eventually made his way up to the top of the field. Today, he owns a diverse portfolio of commercial properties in Manhattan and other cities, including 720 Fifth Avenue, with Abercrombie & Fitch, and 1552 Broadway, a site of T.G.I. Friday’s.

After graduating from the university, Sutton worked as a retail broker, focusing on store sites in the outer boroughs of New York City for Payless Shoes. In 1997, Sutton was promoted to exclusive retail broker for CVS Pharmacy in New York. He was later hired as a clerk for Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr. of the United States Supreme Court.

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While he was working at CVS, Sutton developed a strategy for leasing storefronts to national brands. This was a win-win strategy that would soon help him build a substantial fortune. Eventually, he applied the strategy to CVS in lower Manhattan. With this successful approach, Sutton and his partner SL Green Realty were able to persuade Nike to leave the Trump-owned location and relocate to a new building in lower Manhattan. Throughout the years, Sutton has leased stores to some of the most popular fashion and retail brands in the world, including Adidas, Givenchy, and Prada.

Jeff Sutton has also worked as a landlord, and currently owns more than 100 retail and residential properties in Manhattan and other areas of the city. These include a penthouse apartment in nearby Long Branch, a sprawling compound on Roosevelt Avenue, and a large estate in Deal. Most of his properties are suitable for retail use.

He recently signed a partnership deal with SL Green for $136 million to purchase 1552 Broadway, which is a major commercial property in the Times Square area. Other notable properties in his portfolio include a 650 Fifth Avenue storefront with Nike and an American Girl Place.

Jeff Sutton was born in New York in 1960. His parents are unknown. He was raised in a religious Judaic household. Sutton studied at the Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law, earning his Juris Doctor. Since 2003, he has starred in two feature films, The Nature of Nicholas and Killer Instinct: From the Files of Agent Candice DeLong.

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