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Juan Martin Del Potro Net Worth

Juan Martin Del Potro Net Worth

The Argentine tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro is a world famous professional tennis player. He is considered to be the first Argentine male to win a Grand Slam singles title. In fact, he is the fifth youngest male US Open winner in the open era. He is also the only one to have won ATP titles more than once. His career has been slowed down by a number of injuries, but he still managed to collect a lot of prize money. He has won over two hundred thousand dollars in prize winnings in his career.

In addition to his tennis achievements, Juan Martin Del Potro is known for his charity work. He has donated his time to many charities throughout his career, including donating a private practice session to a non-profit organization in his native city. He has played exhibition matches for charity, and he was even involved in a Chinese Open charity match.

Despite his success in tennis, he has also suffered several injuries over the years. In 2010, he had to quit playing due to a wrist injury. He returned to tennis in 2017 to play his first tour matches in nearly three years, and he has been making a comeback in recent months. He is now expected to compete at the Buenos Aires Open in February.

He has been in relationships with six women. He has dated Luciana Salazar (2009), Stephanie Demner (2010 – 2012), Lola Bezerra (2009), Susana Gimenez (2009), Oriana Barquet (2012) and Julia Rohden (2013). There are rumors that he has had an affair with Susana Gimenez (2009).

He began his tennis career at the age of seven, and he played his first professional tennis match in 2004 at the ITF event in Italy. He has been very successful, and he has won 17 ATP singles titles, earning $25,896,046 in prize money. Despite his successful career, he has had to deal with injuries, and his net worth is estimated at around $13 million.

His family is very important to him. He has a mother, a teacher, and a sister. His father, a veterinarian, served as his financial manager throughout his career. When he was eight years old, his elder sister died in a car accident.

While it is difficult to know exactly how much Juan Martin Del Potro is worth, he is currently ranked as the third highest paid athlete in the world by the ATP. Despite his hefty earnings, he has never been married, and he does not have any children of his own. He keeps his personal life and finances largely private, but he does maintain a strong social media presence, which has helped him build a large following. He has a Twitter following of 3.2 million followers. He also has a Facebook page, and he has posted sponsored posts on his Facebook page in the past.

In the past, he has had a history of being scammed out of a number of millions of dollars, but his father has taken care of his son’s finances. In the future, he will likely be financially dependent on his mother and sister, and he may be out of a job.

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