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Kid Frost Net Worth

Kid Frost Net Worth

Kid Frost is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor. He was born on May 31, 1964, in Los Angeles, CA. He is a member of the Latin Alliance rap group, which was formed in 1991. He is also known as one of the pioneers of Chicano rap. He has released several albums, including East Side Story, Hispanic Causing Panic, and Welcome to Frost Angeles. He has been featured in several films, television shows, and music videos. His net worth is estimated to be around $800 thousand.

Although his career has been rocky, he has overcome many obstacles. Kid Frost was raised in rough inner-city neighborhoods of Los Angeles. His parents were divorced when he was five years old. At that time, he was exposed to violence, drugs, and poverty. His mother was a prostitute and his father was a drug dealer. His parents eventually lost their house when he was 15 years old. 

While he was growing up, Kid Frost was involved in break dancing with the Uncle Jamms Army. He later signed with Virgin Records. He was known for his unique style of rapping. He has also collaborated with other famous rappers and musicians. He has appeared in several films, including Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and Cribs. He has also been a part of the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

He has released several albums and is a successful rapper. He has earned his net worth from his work in the music industry. His biggest hit is “La Raza.” He has collaborated with several artists, including A.L.T., MC Eiht, Rick James, and O.G.Enius. He has a dedicated fan base on Instagram. He has an official account on this social media site. He has over 70,000 followers.

His first album was released in 1990, titled Hispanic Causing Panic. It was a commercial hit and reached #67 on the US chart. He later released a follow-up album, This Was, This Is Now, Vol. I. His second album, This Was, This Is Now, Volume II, was released in 2002. He has been diagnosed with cancer. He is currently battling the disease.

His son, Scoop DeVille, is a recording artist and record producer. He has also been known to have a lot of fans on various social networking sites. He has more than 65 thousand followers on Instagram. He has been involved in several movies and television shows, including Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Out of Sight, and Selena.

His other musical achievements include producing and releasing two studio albums, and two compilations. He has also written and performed a song called “Danger! 50,000 Volts!” which focuses on military experts. His first single from his debut album, “Thin Line,” was a minor hit.

While he is still active in the industry, Kid Frost has not revealed any details about his marital status. He has a real estate business in Los Angeles. He also has a car, but he has not disclosed any information about the price of his vehicle. His net worth is expected to increase as he continues his career.

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