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Larry Blackmon Net Worth

Larry Blackmon Net Worth

Larry Blackmon has earned good fortune from his career as a musician. Throughout his career, he has been a member of many popular bands. He was a founding member of the Cameo band and is known for his distinctive vocals. He is also known for his funk style.

Larry Blackmon is a singer, arranger, and songwriter. He is best known as the lead vocalist of the funk band Cameo. He started the band in the 1970s. He was also a member of the East Coast group. They have later renamed the New York City Players. The band released several albums, including the funk album ‘Cardiac Arrest’ in 1977. The most famous single from the band is “Loverboy,” which peaked at number one on the US R&B chart.

Larry Blackmon is also associated with singers such as Mariah Carey and Charlie Singleton. He is also involved in several projects with Cyndi Lauper, including the record “A Night to Remember” in 1989. Despite being known for his vocals, he is also a talented bass guitar player. He has two sons, both of which are currently active in the hip-hop music industry. He has been married to his girlfriend, Marcelo Tinelli, since 2012.

Although Blackmon is an accomplished musician. He has worked as a backup singer for numerous artists. He is signed to Crash and Private I. He also has a record label called Atlanta Artists.

He has worked with several other artists, including Bootsy Collins, JT Taylor, Ry Cooder, and Eddie Murphy. In 2001, he co-wrote a song with Mariah Carey. The song was based on the group’s previous single, “Candy.” The song reached number two on the Billboard 100.

Despite his great success, Larry Blackmon has had a bad reputation. He was very rude and demanding of his staff. He also acted disrespectfully towards exhibits in museums. However, he is a very goal-oriented individual. He has worked hard to achieve his dreams. He was even featured in the film “Born in East L.A.”.

He has had several lawsuits. Last year, he was sued by former members of the East Coast band. He claimed that they were using his name and photograph without permission. He also wanted to prevent them from performing under the name. He is suing them for damages amounting to $2 million. Moreover, he is demanding an injunction. He said that the ex-members of the band have been booking shows under the name. He has also learned that some of the band members are still using his name and photograph. He has filed an injunction against these people to stop them from claiming to be him.

He has an estimated net worth of at least $400 thousand. He is 66 years old. He is from the United States and is a Gemini. He has a dangling earring in his left ear.

He is an American musician, songwriter, actor, and record producer. He has a net worth of at least $400 thousand and is currently ranked as the richest funk singer. He has been associated with various artists, including Mariah Carey, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, and Charlie Singleton.

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