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Lovenia Patricia Wilson

Lovenia Patricia Wilson is the Ex-wife of the Famous American Comedian Flip Wilson. Flip was the first African-American performer to have his show on American television, The Flip Wilson Show. The hour-long TV program ranked second in the national rankings for two years in a row and was very popular with the white population as well. The show brought Flip Wilson a Golden Globe Award and two Emmy Awards. In January 1972, ‘Time magazine’ placed a photo of Wilson on the cover and called him ‘TV’s first black superstar’.

Lovenia Patricia Wilson husband was born December 8, 1933, in Jersey City, New Jersey (Jersey City, New Jersey). He was one of 18 children in a family reduced to extreme poverty. He spent his entire childhood between foster families and correctional facilities, and finally, when he was 16 years old, Wilson hid his age and enlisted in the United States Air Force. A friendly personality and a generous supply of funny stories made him popular – Wilson was even offered something like a tour of military bases to cheer up other military personnel. A pseudonym was invented for his barracks friends.

Flip married Lonia Patricia Wilson in 1957. In 1954, Flip Wilson was discharged and found a job as a bellhop at the Manor Plaza Hotel in San Francisco. He got an extra job at a hotel nightclub, posing as a runaway client between numbers. His drunken character was popular, and the aspiring artist began to perform humorous numbers in clubs throughout California (California), using his pseudonym. At first, Flip just improvised on stage, but a little later he began to prepare scripts for his numbers, and his jokes became more subtle and sophisticated.

Lovenia Patricia Wilson is the Ex-wife of Flip Wilson. In the late 1960s, Wilson became a regular cast member of the Apollo Theater in Harlem and became one of the most welcome guests on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show, and ‘Hochmah Rowan and Martin’ (Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In). In 1970, Flip Wilson won a Grammy Award for his comedy album The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress. A number called ‘Columbus’ from the album Cowboys and Colored People’ brought Wilson to the attention of people from Hollywood, which eventually led to the creation of his own show.

Lonia Patricia Wilson was Flip’s first wife. One of the comic sketches launched on NBC. Wilson hosted many black artists, including ‘The Jackson Five’ with a young Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson). On the script for the program, along with Wilson worked one of the most prominent ‘stand-up’ comedians in America, George Carlin (George Carlin). His most popular character was Geraldine Jones, whose phrase ‘the devil made me do it has become a national aphorism. The show, which won the popularity of the audience and the sympathy of critics, aired until 1974 (94 episodes in total), invariably with the highest ratings.

After the show, Wilson as a guest star starred in several television series and variety shows, including ‘This is Lucy’ (Here’s Lucy), ‘The Dean Martin Show’ (The Dean Martin Show), ‘Love Ship’ (The Love Boat) and ‘ Charlie and company’ (Charlie & Co.). Ed Sullivan often invited Flip to shoot his ‘Saturday show’ (Sunday night show). In 1976, he took part in the television version of the musical ‘Pinocchio’ (Pinocchio). His latest work is a small role in ‘American.

Flip’s first marriage to Lovenia Patricia Wilson lasted from 1957 to 1967 and ended in divorce. In 1979, he married a second time, Tuancha Mackenzie (Tuanchai MacKenzie), she gave birth to a child, but in 1984 they divorced. In addition, Flip had four children with his common-law wife Blonell Pitman. In 1979, Flip received custody of his children and began to spend more time with them, almost giving up work on television.

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