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Nicolas Maurer Net Worth

Nicolas Maurer is the CEO and Co-Founder of Team Vitality, a multinational esports company with a billion-dollar market cap. His net worth is $ 3 million. Team Vitality has developed from a passion project to a multinational esports network under Nicolas’ guidance, boasting some of the most significant sponsorship arrangements with global brands such as Adidas, Renault, Red Bull, and Orange.

Nicolas Maurer profession is Editor, Editorial Department. Nicolas has built a portfolio of teams participating in eight titles, including League of Legends, CS: GO, Fortnite, and FIFA, in addition to the company’s unique collaborations. Team Vitality is proud of its influencer and athlete network, and it has one of the largest esports followings (20 million+ followers.) Its net worth is in the thousands.

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The French entrepreneur worked for eight years as a video editor for French television when he met Fabien Divide, and together they formed Team Vitality out of a love of esports and a desire to work for themselves. Nicolas has used his filmmaking skills for Team Vitality, which is known for its cinematic material and storytelling.

Nicolas Maurer net worth is $300,000. Nicolas has established himself as a powerful and well-respected personality in the esports sector, speaking at high-profile events around the world on a regular basis, openly addressing pressing industry issues such as diversity, and engaging with French politics to further the esports agenda.

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