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Malcolm Jenkins Net Worth

Malcolm Jenkins Net Worth

Having a long career as an NFL player can be a good way to build up your net worth. For example, Malcolm Jenkins is a former strong safety and has been making tens of millions of dollars in his career. He is currently playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2015, he earned an estimated income of over $31.7 million. His total net worth, however, is estimated to be approximately $93 million.

At the beginning of his career, he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 2009. In the following seasons, he played for the Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, and Atlanta Falcons. In 2010, he established his own foundation. He also speaks out on social issues, especially those that affect black people on the field. He has been involved with a number of organizations focusing on social justice. He was also involved in the NLF Players Coalition, which aimed to have meaningful change in the lives of black people. In fact, the Eagle’s security was one of the leaders in the movement.

The NFL has been in the news a lot recently, particularly when it comes to the NLF Players Coalition. The organization, which is a group of current and former players, aims to have more Black people gain access to venture capital. In October of last year, the NFL and the Players Coalition agreed to donate $100 million to nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of Black people. In exchange for that money, the NFL will allow some of its stars to participate in social causes. In the case of Malcolm Jenkins, he accepted the NFL’s offer to make him a spokesperson for the social cause.

In addition to his NFL success, Malcolm Jenkins has had an enviable life outside of the NFL. He has a wife and two children. In addition to the usual things, he has also acquired a nice car collection. He has even spent time in the kitchen teaching kids how to prepare healthy salads. He has even visited the Maya Angelou Public Charter School. He has also been a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. In fact, he is the step master of the Ohio State chapter. He is also a chaplain for the chapter and was responsible for the founding of the organization’s charitable foundation.

As a member of the Saints, Malcolm Jenkins was a part of the team’s Super Bowl win. He was also named to the Pro Bowl in 2015. The Super Bowl was the first of three rings that Malcolm Jenkins won in his career. He was also awarded the Jim Thorpe Award.

The most impressive accomplishment of all, though, was the creation of his own company. In October of 2010, he and a few fellow black NFL players founded Broad Street Ventures, a company that focuses on technology and consumer products. They invest in Epic games, ZenWtr, Airbnb, Disrupt Foods, and other companies. They have also pledged to donate $10 million to the National Football League Foundation and the United States Sports Foundation.

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