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Mike Muir Net Worth

Mike Muir Net Worth

Mike Muir, the singer, guitarist and songwriter of Suicidal Tendencies, has a net worth of about $500 thousand. His income comes from his work as a singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer. He has several sources of income, including his role as a lead vocalist in several Los Angeles bands, such as Infosystem Grooves, P.O.D. and Los Cycos. However, his primary career is as a singer.

In 1985, when Mike Muir was a teenager, he formed a punk band. After releasing several albums, he moved to Australia for a while and continued playing live in Los Angeles. Later, he collaborated with No Mercy. He is also known for wearing a blue bandana. When he was in high school, he had been expelled and was dismissed from the school.

Although he was not a very good student in school, he was able to make a living as a musician. Muir was introduced to metal music by his brother Jim. Eventually, Muir became the lead vocalist of Suicidal Tendencies. With the help of bassist Robert Trujillo, he incorporated funk into the group’s songs.

Muir grew up in Venice, California. He was born in 1963. When he was in the tenth grade, he was expelled from his school. Fortunately, he was able to attend Santa Monica College. During his time in college, he met Rob Trujillo and later joined Metallica. This led to the introduction of funk into Infectious Grooves. Afterward, he released a series of solo albums under the alias of “Cyco Miko”.

Muir’s house was featured on the Discovery Channel’s Monster House. He was also an actor and was involved in a celebrity boxing match against Simon Woodstock. The celebrity boxing match did not turn out well for him.

Muir is married with three children. He has a family life that is largely private. Nevertheless, he has an official website and a social media account. As of January 9, 2023, he has an estimated net worth of about $500 thousand.

Mike Muir is famous in the world of Punk. During his early career, he played in a thrash punk band called Suicidal Tendencies. He is currently a singer, guitarist and songwriter for Los Angeles bands. Often seen wearing a blue bandana, he has a number of fans.

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He is also the frontman of a funk metal group called Infectious Grooves. Before he began performing in Infectious Grooves, he released several solo albums under the name “Cyco Miko.” Some of these albums have been very successful and have contributed to his net worth.

His net worth is not as high as it was in the past, but he continues to earn a fair amount of money from his profession. His success can be attributed to the song “Kaliforn-Eye-A,” which is featured on his 2000 album “When Angels & Serpents Dance”. Aside from that, he has released other albums.

He is also a renowned news anchor. On the popular TV show 20/20, he delivers important events of the world.

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