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Mike Rutherford Net Worth

Mike Rutherford Net Worth

The name Mike Rutherford has a lot of connotations for a rock star. He is a member of the British rock band Genesis and has several other bands and projects under his belt. While his music is renowned, Mike also enjoys oddball activities like tennis, polo, and skiing. He performed at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games.

Mike Rutherford has an estimated net worth of around $120 million. While his earnings may not be huge in the current economic climate, he has made his money by doing multiple things. He owns a chain of Fat Rutherford Burger restaurants in London and owns a football team, the Guildford Angels. He is also the owner of Pure Wonderutherford Vodka.

Mike Rutherford’s most important contributions to the world of music are probably his contributions to the formation of the rock band Genesis and his contribution to the band’s recording studios. Among other things, he played the bass and sang backing vocals. He also helped the band sell its music catalog for $300 million to Concord Music Group. While there are a lot of artists with huge amounts of money, Mike Rutherford has the highest net worth of any.

In the early 1980s, Mike Rutherford released two successful solo albums. One of them was a “first” and the other was a “second.” He published a book describing his music career, and the best part of his memoir was that it came out in 2014. This was the first of its kind and it is the longest book on the shelf.

The other thing that Mike Rutherford did was create a perfume, with a name that is not a gimmick. He called it With Love from Mike. This nifty-looking cologne is available in stores.

Another impressive feat that Mike Rutherford accomplished was buying an apartment on New York’s Bond Street. The loft apartment was a $5.03 million deal. It features a Miele kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a library.

In addition, he owns a commercial cow-calf operation in Pearsall, Texas, where he lives with his wife Florence. He is also a vice chair of the Texas Racing Commission. He served on the board for many years.

The best way to measure the true worth of any of these accomplishments is to check out the net worth of famous ones. The Forbes magazine list of the richest celebrities is a good place to start. It considers a variety of factors, from advertising to residuals to upfront payments. The most interesting thing about the Forbes listing is that it was compiled using the best data. This is probably because the best information was collected from the media.

Mike Rutherford’s net worth is not what it used to be, but he has done some interesting things in his career. He has released a book, and perfume and launched a burger chain in London. In the future, he is expected to increase his fortune.

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