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Millie Corretjer Net Worth

Millie Corretjer Net Worth

Listed among the top singers in the world, Millie Corretjer is a professional world music singer who has received much attention for her talent and popularity. She has released many songs, which have become popular across the world. Currently, she has a net worth of $78 million. which she earns from her career as a singer.

Millie Corretjer was born in 18 april 1974 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is the granddaughter of Juan Antonio Corretjer, a prominent poet and one-time Secretary General of the pro-independence Puerto Rican Nationalist Party. At the age of fifteen, she started her career as a singer and a host of a television show in Puerto Rico. She has also appeared in a documentary titled Guitarra mia, which pays tribute to the work of Puerto Rican artist Jose Feliciano.

Millie Corretjer and Oscar De La Hoya are married since October 5, 2001. They met at an EMI convention in Texas, and they soon began dating. They married in a private ceremony in San Juan. They have a son named Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya and a daughter named Nina Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya.

Before becoming a singer, Millie Corretjer was a model. She starred in the film The Social Network and had a stint as a television host. She was also involved in a television miniseries titled De La Hoya/Mayweather 24/7, which was produced during the weeks leading up to a fight between Mayweather and De La Hoya. The two celebrities dated for many years. In 2016, they got divorced.

As a singer, Millie Corretjer has released several albums. She topped the charts with her song, “De Hoy en Adelante,” which spent six weeks at the top of the Billboard charts. She has also had 19 pay-per-view bouts. She is one of the richest world music singers. The singer’s salary ranges from three million to five million dollars. She has a huge fan following in the United States, Mexico, and Spain. She also has a large social media following. She has multiple accounts on different social networking platforms. She has over 500,000 followers on Twitter. She has also been ranked in the list of celebrities who have the most money.

When she was 15, Millie Corretjer hosted a show on the Puerto Rican television network La Ola Nueva. During this time, she also started her career as an actress. She has appeared in several TV shows and had a role in the movie, Guitarra mia. She has had numerous friends and associates throughout her life. She has also kept her personal life out of the spotlight. She prefers to lead a more simple life. She is a fan of the Generation X culture and has Hawk as her spirit animal.

As a singer, she has received many accolades and awards. She has received a gold album in Puerto Rico for her third studio album, Amar es un Juego. She has received the Latin American Award for Best New Artist and has won various other awards.

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