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Miss Kitty Net Worth

Miss Kitty Net Worth

Miss Kitty is the last member of the Black Ink Crew. She is a socialite and brand ambassador. She has recently moved to Chicago from Harlem. She has a high-end celebrity clientele. Her salary is a secret. But she earns a good amount of money through social media.

The reality show “Black Ink Crew” follows the daily operations of an African American-owned tattoo shop in Harlem, New York. It premiered on VH1 in the United States on January 7, 2013. The cast members include Sky Day, Donna Marie Lombardi, Kit SoVain, Puma Robinson, Jadah Blue, and Miss Kitty. They are a part of a multi-million dollar industry. They are not all wealthy, though. But many of them have earned their money by appearing on the show.

In the fifth season of the reality series, recurring cast member Kit SoVain joined the show as Miss Kitty. She is known as a tattoo apprentice and is a member of the Black Ink Crew. Before she joined the show, she worked at a tattoo parlor. She is also a model. She has an Instagram account with over 600,000 followers. The reality star is born on February 28, 1992, in the United States.

Currently, she is dating Alex. Before the show, she was a tattoo receptionist for a black-owned tattoo parlor. Besides her role in the show, she has worked as a makeup artist. She is also a socialite and brand ambassador for Caesar.

She has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. The majority of her income comes from her role on the television show. She is the most successful reality star.

The other reality stars who have appeared on the show have not earned as much. However, some left the show when things were going well. Ceaser, for example, reportedly has a net worth of $300 thousand. He has also made money as a tattoo artist. He has dated Tatiana and Tatiana’s cousin Teddy. He has also had relationships with several other people. In addition to his income from the show, he is the owner of a clothing store in Miami.

Another reality star on the show is Jo Keita Days. She is the former manager of Black Ink Atlanta and owns a clothing boutique in Miami. She is currently dating 600 Breezy. She hasn’t revealed her salary yet, but her income can be attributed to her role on the show. She is also a professional boxer. She has appeared on the covers of Urban Ink and Miami New Times.

Although her income is largely attributed to her reality show role, her personal life is still a mystery. She is dating Lalo Yunda and has a son, Kai. She has also dated Teddy Ruks Homer, an assistant manager for the show. She has a cousin who is the ex-fiance of Sky. She also has a son from a previous relationship. The reality star has been known to have a difficult time dealing with mental health problems but has opened up about them.

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