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Mo3 Net Worth 2021

Mo3 Net Worth 2021

Known as Melvin Noble, Mo3 is a celebrated rapper from Dallas, Texas. He is one of the most famous rappers in the United States. The singer began his career in the music industry at a young age and has gone through a lot in his life. His career was made possible through his hard work and talent. He has had several criminal convictions, but he has been freed from them. He has made his fortune through his music and social media. His net worth is $1.5 million.

Born on March 31, 1991, in McKinney, Texas, Mo3 moved to North Dallas when he was young. His mother was struggling financially. She often had to take care of him and his siblings, but she had little income. She would sometimes sleep on a patio because she didn’t have a place to stay. They would charge their phones at local bodegas to have access to electricity. In addition, they would eat noodles at dinner.

During his early years, Mo3 had trouble fitting in. He had poor grades and was often laughed at for wearing old clothes. He began to write his lyrics after his father left his family. He was influenced by a storied Louisiana rapper named Boosie Badazz. He collaborated with him on a mixtape. In addition, he was also featured in the song “Hold Ya Tongue”.

He was a very popular artist in his hometown. He was a big fan of cars. His first mixtape, Shottaz, was released at the age of 21. The second one was released two years later. It was called Shottaz Reloaded and featured the song “Gangsta Love”. The third mixtape was released in October 2016 and was titled 4 indictments. The third mixtape reached the top 25 on the Billboard 100 chart.

Mo3 was murdered in November 2020. He was performing in a nightclub when a gunman shot him. In addition, a friend of his was shot. The two men were followed by another driver. The man driving the other car figured out the situation and drove off. The innocent bystander was also shot and is currently recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

Before his death, the rapper had a net worth of $1.5 million. He was a very successful singer and rapper. His bio has been updated. Currently, he is considered the Richest Rapper in Texas. He has three children. He is also a fitness enthusiast. He is a very private person when it comes to his personal life. However, his Instagram account has over 906k followers and he has more than 200k followers on Facebook. He has never been married but is dating. He is known to have a negative reputation when it comes to women.

Mo3’s net worth is estimated to be $1,5 million. In addition, he has some awards and nominations to his name but has never won one. He has also been arrested for several offenses. He has been convicted of multiple crimes and could face serious jail time.

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