Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith

Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith is the son of American rapper and actor LL Cool J. His father’s real name is James Todd Smith. And his mother’s name is Simone Smith. The father of Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith is a well-known American rapper, actor, record producer, and entrepreneur.

Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith was born on September 18, 1989, in the United States of America. He is 33 years old in 2022. Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith celebrates his birthday on 18 September every year. He is the only son of LL Cool J. Also, Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith, Nina Simone, and Italia Anita Maria Smith are his other three sisters.

Five years after Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith was born his parents have been married. 28 years have passed since they got married. The mother of Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith, Simone, had a stage 3 chondrosarcoma diagnosis in 2004. To treat his mother’s cancer, a 15-hour bone replacement operation and rigorous rehabilitation were required. Najee, his sister, and his father stayed at their mother’s side throughout the therapy.

For the past 15 years and counting, Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith’s mother has been cancer-free. In 2019, the pair partnered with the American Cancer Society to support their “Beat Cancer Like a Boss” campaign. The initiative attempts to give women the confidence to rely on their network of supporters. Simone, the mother of Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith, shared her story with the ACS and thanked her loved ones for their steadfast support while she was battling the fatal illness.

According to law enforcement officials, Najee Todd Smith, the son of LL Cool J, refused to leave the restaurant Catch in New York City’s Meatpacking District and got into an altercation with security guards, who then phoned the police. According to the officials, investigators think He was drunk. The cops had Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith in custody. Like any other parents, the couple did everything in their power to free Najee from jail. He was taken into custody in a New York restaurant. In December of the same year, much to the relief of the family, Najee’s fighting charges were dropped.

The Treacherous Three hip-hop group inspired LL Cool J, the father of Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith, to start rapping at the age of 10. In March 1984, Smith, at sixteen, began creating demo cassettes at his grandparents’ home. He received $2,000 worth of equipment from his jazz saxophonist grandfather, which included two turntables, an audio mixer, and an amplifier. His mother bought a Korg drum machine with her tax refund, showing her support for his artistic aspirations.

Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith’s father LL Cool J has released 13 studio albums and two greatest hits compilations. His twelfth album, Exit 13 (2008), was the last of his longtime contract with Def Jam Recordings. LL Cool J has starred in many films including Too Deep, Any Sunday, Deep Blue Sea, SWAT, Mindhunters, and Edison. He currently plays NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna on the CBS crime drama television series NCIS: Los Angeles. LL Cool J is also the host of Lip Sync Battle on Paramount Network.

A two-time Grammy Award winner, LL Cool J is known for hip hop songs such as “Going Back to Cali”, “I’m Bad”, “The Boomin’ System”, “Rock the Bells” and “Mama Said Knock You”. Out”, as well as R&B hits such as “Doin’ It”, “I Need Love”, ” All I Have”, “Around the Way Girl”.” and “Hi Lover”. In 2010, VH1 placed him on their “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” list. In 2017, LL Cool J became the first rapper to receive the Kennedy Center Honors. In 2021, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with an award for musical excellence.

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