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Nancy Silverton Net Worth

Nancy Silverton Net Worth

Nancy Silverton is a well-known chef in the United States. She is co-owner of the Pizzeria and Mozza2Go in Los Angeles. The two restaurants have earned many awards for their artisanal pizzas. Her cookbook, Nancy’s Sandwich Book, was published in 2005. In 2014, she won the James Beard Foundation’s “Outstanding Chef” award. Her net worth is $8 million.

Nancy Silverton has earned millions of dollars in her culinary career. She opened several restaurants, a bakery and a sourdough line. As a result, she is one of the richest chefs in California.

Although Nancy Silverton has made money as a chef, she also has a family to support. She has three children. One of her daughters is a pastry chef at Short Cake Bakery. Another is a culinary instructor at Sonoma State University. She has been a member of Macy’s Culinary Council since 2003.

During her time as a chef, she worked for Wolfgang Puck at Spago. She is a strong proponent of sourdough bread. Before she worked for Wolfgang, she was a political science major at Sonoma State University. After her freshman year, she realized she wanted to be a chef. She studied at Le Cordon Bleu in London and Ecole Lenotre Culinary Institute in Plasir, France.

Nancy Silverton is a prolific author and baker. She has written several books, including the Desserts cookbook and Nancy Silverton’s Sandwich Book. Her book, Nancy’s Fancy, is available in supermarkets. She has also contributed to a number of cookbooks, including a James Beard cookbook. She is also active in fundraising for charities.

She is also a member of the Meals on Wheels program in Chicago. In her personal life, she maintains a low profile. However, she has a social media account with almost 90,000 followers. Despite her fame and wealth, she hasn’t shared her marital status. She has also alleged that she lost money due to a scandal surrounding Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Sadly, she and her family had to lose some of their savings due to a Ponzi scheme operated by Bernard L. Madoff. This led to a loss of millions of dollars for her. But she did receive $5 million for the sale of La Brea Bakery, which she started with her husband, Mark Peel.

Before her divorce, she and Peel opened Campanile, a restaurant in Los Angeles. It became a popular local establishment. They also created Thursday night grilled cheese specials. That trend swept the country.

Since then, Silverton has worked with several celebrities, including Julia Child, Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, and Paula Deen. Despite her success, she continues to help raise funds for her favorite causes. She supports handmade bread and is a strong advocate for sourdough bread.

Although she has made millions, her primary source of income is her primary role as a chef. She has also made money as an investor, and she is the founder of a luxury gelato line. Aside from her work as a chef, she is active in fundraising for various charities, such as the American Heart Association, the National Parkinson Foundation, and the Ronald McDonald House.

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