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Philip Laude Net Worth

Philip Laude Net Worth – A Look at Philip Laude’s Personal Life

Philip Laude is a businessman, entrepreneur, and singer. He is also known as a YouTube celebrity. Aside from being an actor, he is also a comedian. His videos are about lavish lifestyles and are viewed by thousands.

Philip Laude is a multi-millionaire who has owned two luxury mansions in the Philippines. The mansion is designed by Ed Calma. Besides owning these mansions, Laude also has access to some mansions in Beverly Hills. However, he keeps his personal life private.

Phillip Laude is a German-Filipino who was born on June 29, 1990. He is known for his dazzling designer outfits. In addition to wearing designer clothes, Laude is also known for his extravagant lifestyle. For example, he has attended many parties in Los Angeles.

Philipp Laude’s net worth is estimated at at least $63 million. His estimated income is based on his price and his subscribers on his YouTube channel. Nevertheless, it is still unknown if he has any product sales.

Philip and his wife, Marissa Eduardo Small, have four children. Their eldest son is Pj. They also have a daughter named Allison. Phil Laude and his wife have two luxurious mansions in the Philippines. Both of them have been married for twenty years.

Philipp and Marissa started their relationship with a common friend. This friend, Karen Davila, recommended them to start a YouTube channel. At the time, the family was not too familiar with the world of YouTube. But Laude was fascinated by the platform and began vlogging. Now, her videos have over 0.6 million views. Besides vlogging, she has been a fashion model for famous brands. She has also been featured in films like Bibi & Tina: Madchen gegen Jungs and Metro Society.

Philipp and Marissa are also members of Y-Titty, a comedy trio. Alex Wassabi is also a member of the trio. As a result, they have been able to travel to Tokyo, Bangkok, and Madrid.

Philip Laude has been married to his wife, Marissa, for 20 years. Although the couple does not speak publicly about their marriage, they remain close. During holidays, they visit their parents in the city. They also talk on the phone every day. It seems that the couple has remained close even after their divorce.

Laude has been a fixture at parties in Manila and Los Angeles. Her vlogs show her lavish life in Beverly Hills. These include visits to the mansions and shopping in Divisoria. Additionally, she has been filmed in a photoshoot with SM. She has a slew of celebrity friends. And despite being a member of one of the wealthiest families in the world, she has never publicly announced her relationship.

When she was young, she was highly business-minded. In fact, Laude’s parents are involved in the rice trading and garments export businesses. During her childhood, she has been pampered by her family. Moreover, she has traveled to the Philippines, Thailand, and Bangkok. Despite having a career as a celebrity, she has also taken pottery classes at Ugo Bigyan’s Pottery.

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