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Pras Michel Net Worth

Pras Michel Net Worth

Pras Michel is a very successful American rapper, songwriter and record producer. He is also an actor. As a rapper, he has released several hit singles.

The American singer has been a member of The Fugees, a hip hop group. In addition to his singing career, he has appeared in movies, such as Mystery Men (1999) and Go for Broke (2002). He has also launched his own line of perfume, With Love. His estimated net worth is $20 million.

Before he became famous, Pras studied Philosophy and Psychology at Yale and Rutgers. While in high school, he met Lauryn Hill, who was interested in rap music. After meeting her, he started to learn about the rap scene.

Pras is an active social media user, with an official Facebook and Twitter account. He also posts updates about his career and his personal life. He uses his account to update fans about his work, including his upcoming tour dates.

One of his most prominent projects is The Mutant Chronicles (2007). He also co-starred in three films for 20th Century Fox, including Skid Row (2007) and Turn It Up (2000).

After “The Score” paved the way for his fame, Pras decided to pursue a solo career. At this time, he formed his own band, The Rap Translators. They performed at local events. Later on, he joined the group with David Sugarman.

Pras has also appeared in a film, which has been deemed a box office failure. He also stayed on the ship, abducted by Somali pirates, during its voyage. This led to his arrest. However, Pras was released after the pirates were defeated.

During this period, Pras met other members of the group, such as Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill. They created the group, which eventually included Ronald Khalis Bell. Although the album was not a hit, the group earned international acclaim. Eventually, the album reached the top 40.

When he turned 18, Pras made his acting debut in the movie “Mystery Men”. Though he had only a small role, he gained more interest in the industry.

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Pras’ biggest love is rap music. He has also produced and starred in two documentaries. Paper Dreams, which was intended to focus on piracy on the African coast, was supposed to be released in 2014. But a legal dispute prevented it from being released. Similarly, the documentary Sweet Micky For President chronicled the rise of Haitian musician Michel Martelly. Despite this, Pras strongly endorsed the film.

Currently, Pras has not been married. According to the US Justice Department, he opened accounts at a number of American financial institutions in order to fund his actions. Moreover, the group is suspected to have been involved in a criminal conspiracy to illegally contribute funds to Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Pras has a lot of investments. He owns a home in New Jersey and an apartment in Los Angeles. Among his other investments are a New York Angels football team.

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