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Richard Benjamin Net Worth

Richard Benjamin Net Worth

Richard Benjamin, born in the United States on May 22, 1938, is a well-known American actor. He has worked in a variety of theatrical plays and films. He has starred in some well-known productions, including Catch-22, Westworld, and Goodbye, Columbus. He has also directed several films. His net worth of $8 million.

He studied at Northwestern University in Illinois. He was heavily involved in theater productions while attending college. After graduation, he was involved in the theatrical circuit. He starred in a few short-lived movies, such as He and She and The Norman Conquests. He and She ran for a season and was nominated for an Emmy. He and She was a show about a group of oddball characters.

In the late 1950s, Benjamin met actress Paula Prentiss. They married in 1961 and had a daughter named Prentiss. They continued to work in the film industry, acting in short-lived movies such as The Last of Sheila, which was released in 1973. They also appeared in a few other projects, including How to Beat the High Cost of Living, No Room to Run, and Witches’ Brew. In addition, they acted together in the television series He and She.

In his late 40s, Benjamin began directing films. He starred in two successful films in 1973. He also directed The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker, a comedy-drama film starring Lisa Kudrow and Whoopi Goldberg. His second film, The Last of Sheila, was a crime thriller starring Richard Gere. He also starred in the crime drama film Fame, which was released in 1978. He is a member of the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning television series He and She, which was about a pair of oddballs. He and She was a success, though it was not very successful in the commercial and critical arenas.

His most notable role was that of Tom Hanks’ leading man in The Money Pit. This movie, which was released in 1986, was an average success with critics. In addition, the movie was a box-office hit. It was also a film that won the Golden Globe.

He has also starred in some TV shows. He appeared on He and She and also in the television series The Sunshine Boys. In the latter, he was nominated for a Golden Globe. He was also the director of the film My Favorite Year. His other notable roles include playing the lead in The Last of Sheila and directing Burt Reynolds in The Money Pit. He is now 84 years old and has an estimated net worth of $8 million. He still owns over 10,000 units of Cerus stock, which are valued at $694,113.

He is now a Chief Medical Officer for Cerus. He has traded over 165,000 units of Cerus stock in the last seven years. He sold his units for a total of $51,200 on 9 August 2022. He owns 172,665 units of stock as of 9 August 2022. He has also invested in a company called Iconix, which is a video distributor.

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