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Roman Harper Net Worth

Roman Harper Net Worth

During his time as an NFL player, Roman Harper made a lot of money. His net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million. The actual amount could vary a lot, however. He has also made a lot of money off of his baseball career. He was born on Dec 11, 1982.

He is the founder of a charitable organization named the Harper’s Hope Foundation, which aims to improve the emotional and spiritual health of children and their families. The foundation hosts the annual “A Sainted Weekend” celebrity golf tournament. In addition to his football career, he has also been an NFL analyst for WDSU and Charlotte’s FOX 46. He has also been known to host the Clubhouse Podcast with Kyle Bailey.

As for his social media activity, he has his own official Twitter account. He has also become a bit of a celebrity on the Internet and has a large number of followers. His official website and blog are available on the Internet. He has also appeared in the film The Social Network.

He was awarded the Ed Block Courage Award in 2007. The first time he received the accolade, he was on the field for the New Orleans Saints. He was also able to help the team win their first Super Bowl in franchise history. In 2010, he was again selected as a first-team All-Pro. He also earned his first Pro Bowl invitation.

The best-known part of his career was his time in New Orleans. He was a member of the Saints’ starting strong safety duo. He led the team in tackles in Super Bowl XLIV. He also earned the award for the biggest play of the season, a pass defended by Corey Peters.

As for his off-field activities, he is a member of the School of the Legends. He has also been an NFL analyst for WDSU in New Orleans. He is a big fan of sports and has followed Alabama’s football team for years. He has seen their success under Nick Saban. During his time with the Saints, he had the opportunity to meet and talk with quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, and Ben Roethlisberger.

He is a very good returner, as evidenced by the fact that he had two tackles in Super Bowl 50. He was also a good quarterback during his senior year, as his team was 9-1 in the regular season. He also received the first-team All-SEC award from the SEC in 2006.

As for the big secret, he has a Twitter account. He has a wife and a son. He has a son who is named Roman Harper II, and a daughter named Londyn Harper. His wife, Heather Harper, is a former New Orleans Saints safety. They married in 2015. They are living a happy life together. Besides, they have been known to exaggerate their business size over the years.

The NFL has a salary cap of approximately $175 million. The average salary for a professional football player is between $400,000 and $600,000.00.

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