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Rona Barrett Net Worth

Rona Barrett Net Worth

Rona Barrett was born in New York City, New York on October 8, 1936. She is a well-known entrepreneur, businesswoman, gossip columnist, and actress. Although she is best known for her work on Good Morning America, Rona Barrett is also a successful philanthropist. This is due to her charitable work, which includes creating affordable senior housing, and assisting with the development of Harry’s House in Santa Ynez, California.

As a television personality, Rona Barrett has appeared on many shows, including Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, and ABC’s The Today Show. Rona has also written for several magazines. In 1974, she published a book titled Miss Rona: My Personal Story, which included anecdotes of scandalous personal experiences with famous celebrities. It was an instant hit and became a bestseller.

She later started the Rona Barrett Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping senior citizens with their needs. Her annual benefit event helps raise funds to provide residents with the services and programs they need. While working for the foundation, Rona has helped to create an affordable senior housing complex in Santa Ynez, California, called Harry’s House.

Previously, she owned a lavender products company, which she sold in 2007. During her teenage years, she founded fan clubs for singers she admired. Rona has been a vocal advocate for the rights of senior citizens, and has made efforts to help low-income seniors obtain affordable housing. Since 2007, she has traded stocks in Cintas, an American corporation. She owns more than 7,613 units of the company’s stock. According to her estimated net worth, she has earned a net worth of $17 million.

Rona Barrett is an avid user of social networking platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She posts about her career and updates fans about her life. She also posts about her travels and other events. Occasionally, she gives fans a glimpse of what is happening in her studio.

Her husband, Bill Trowbridge, died in 2001. She and Bill remained married until his death. His widow, Janet, has since retired. Currently, she is working with the Rona Barrett Foundation, and is focused on creating senior housing.

Among her major accomplishments, Rona has become known for her role in Sextette (1997) and Mannix (1967). She has also been credited with breaking glass ceilings for women in the media. In addition, she overcame a degenerative hip condition as a teenager. Additionally, she has been an influential figure in the fight against muscular dystrophy. Moreover, she has contributed to causes that were ahead of her time. By establishing the Rona Barrett Foundation, she has taken on the cause of providing affordable senior housing for those in need.

With a generous support network, including Rick and Heidi Holly, Jay Blatter, Susan Weber, Bo Derek, Joan Reden, and June Martin, Rona Barrett is a philanthropist who is committed to helping senior citizens. Despite her successes, Barrett is a humble person who takes pride in her efforts. And although her business is relatively small, she has an unwavering dedication to her cause.

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