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Austin Scarlett Net Worth

Austin Scarlett Net Worth

Austin Scarlett is a fashion designer and artist. He is well known for his work on the hit reality show Project Runway. Although he was not the winner of the contest, he was the runner-up. As a result of his success, he has made a lot of money and his net worth is estimated to be $13 million. Depending on how he spends his money, his fortune could be much larger.

Austin Scarlett is a native of Cottage Grove, Oregon. He is a member of the gay community and has come out of the closet at a young age. His father is Christopher Scarlett, and his mother is Debra Little. The two attended FIT in New York and studied evening wear. In addition to designing, Scarlett has worked as a pattern maker and as an assistant costume archivist at the Museum at FIT.

Scarlett has also been featured in Madame Figaro, the New York Times and Town and Country. He has created theatrical costumes for Shen Wei Dance Arts and the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. He has also lent his design talents to many charitable causes.

He is a talented designer and has created couture collections under his own name. Austin has also been seen on the runway in Project Runway: All-Stars. One of his best designs was the corn husk dress that he won the first challenge of the show with. This particular item was not produced in the finals of the competition, but it did earn him international attention.

Another thing that he has done that is a “mire-mumble” is his appearance on the popular television show On the Road with Austin and Santino. It premiered on July 29, 2010, and the show followed his couture designs using local resources. Though the show was not as successful as he might have hoped, the appearance was a good start.

There is little information available about Austin Scarlett’s personal life. However, he does have an official website and social media accounts. His bio on these sites is quite lengthy, but he hasn’t mentioned his relationship with Santino. Aside from his fashion design career, he has a wife and two children.

He also has an impressive Instagram account, and he has made a lot of money from it. He has a devoted following of more than a million followers. However, he doesn’t reveal the exact amount he makes from his account. Most of his net worth is from his career as a fashion designer, which has earned him a fortune.

He hasn’t talked about his relationship with Scarlett, and it’s not clear whether the pair are romantically involved. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that they are on the same page when it comes to fashion and art. They have produced a signature line of wedding dresses, and Scarlett has updated his luxury brand.

If you’re curious about Austin’s net worth, there are plenty of other sources to get a better idea. You can check out his bio on Wikipedia or learn more about his personal life on his Facebook page.

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