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Shawn Pomrenke Net Worth

Shawn Pomrenke, also known as ‘Mr. Gold’ is co-founder of Christine Rose, a reality show in which Pomrenke and his family work together and find gold buried in the depths of the sea.

Shawn Pomrenke was born on March 26, 1975, in Nome Alaska. He attended Nome Beltz High School. He began mining gold at the age of fourteen with his father, Steve Pomrenke. He is of white ethnic origin and holds American citizenship.

Currently, Pomrenke is a star of reality TV shows. She gained popularity for mining gold under the sea. Pomrenke started mining gold with her father from his childhood. She also had a dream of making gold mining her profession.

Shawn and his family then received an offer from the Discovery Network to showcase their mining jobs through the reality show. Bearing Sea Gold and Bearing Gold: Beneath The Ice.

The show revolves around the Pomrenke family: they interact with viewers and teach gold mining techniques. The reality show takes place in the aquatic region of Nome Alaska.

In the show, the family dredges during the summer and fall seasons and triggers the gold mining process in various regions such as shallows, oceans, and northern latitudes.

Pomrenke appears as a hard-working but short-tempered guy on the show. He is a daredevil and takes many risks to deal with the dark waters in search of treasures buried under the sea.
In 2015, he unearthed around 100 ounces of gold and expects more next season.

Shawn Pomrenke’s net worth is $5 million today. His main source of income is his career as a reality TV star; he has a show called Bearing Sea Gold and Bearing Gold: Under The Ice on the Discovery Channel. Pomrenke also makes money mining gold.

He has a good amount of salary: he earns $1,300 every day, $9,300 every week, $37,500 a month, and he earns $450,000 a year.

Pomrenke is a married man. He married her longtime girlfriend and also shares a son with her. However, no details about his wife are revealed. Pomrenke’s son is Dylan Pomrenke.

In 2012, Pomrenke got into an altercation with a non-local at a pub in Norton and was stabbed in the back by him. He was also charged with three counts of driving without insurance, driving under the influence of alcohol, including one count of third-degree murder of a pedestrian Pomrenke hit with his car.

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