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So Wa Wai Net Worth


Earlier one year, So Wa Wai announced that he had achieved a net worth of more than $3 million. After learning this, many people had questions about his lifestyle, including what he ate and how he spent his money. So, we gathered some information and tried to find out a little more about his life. Read this article for more information about So Wa Wai’s life.

Early life 

So Wa Wai was born on October 6, 1981, in Hong Kong. Now in 2022, he is 41 years old. His nickname is Wonder Boy. He stands at 5.10 feet and weighs about 70 kilograms. So Wa Wai is a Hong Kong man who suffers from cerebral palsy and was born with severe hearing loss. He’s considered a “Wonder Boy” in Hong Kong.


So Wa Wai’s career as a paralympic sportsperson was inspirational. So Wa Wai has competed in five Paralympic Games. However, he may never be able to walk on his own.

Having Cerebral Palsy, So Wa Wai is one of the best Paralympic athletes to have graced the podium. He won many medals at international events. He can perform in the 100-meter, 200-metre, 400-meter, and relay categories. He was a part of the torch relay.

Net Worth

So Wa Wai’s net worth is $3 million. He earned money through very hard work and won games. His source of income is the Paralympic games who he won and got medals.

A Movie Based On His Life

‘Zero to Hero’ is a Hong Kong biographical movie about the life of the Paralympic gold medalist So Wa-wai. The movie is directed by Chi-Man Wan and produced by Sandra Ng. It also stars Louis Cheung Kai-chung as So’s coach Fong.

Despite the film’s melodramatic elements, Zero to Hero offers a positive message about Paralympians and the challenges they face. It tells a story of a child who has suffered from such a disease, which means that the boy will never be able to walk. However, his mother works hard to ensure that he can reach his full potential.

In the film, So is played by Mason Fung Ho-Yeung. His character captures the charm of So Wa Wai. This film explores how he’s able to overcome his disabilities and his family’s challenges to reach the top of his field.

The movie is a feel-good comedy, but it isn’t the first time a filmmaker has tackled the subject of disability. The movie also touches on the topic of equal pay for equal work.

‘Zero to Hero’ has some genuinely heartwarming moments. The movie uses a variety of colors and ambiance to create a cinematic experience. Its music is also impressive, offering a spectrum of tones.


So Wa Wai has won 12 medals at the Paralympic games, including four gold, two silver, and two bronze. So Wa Wai competed in Atlanta and won gold in the men’s 4x100m relay. He later competed in five consecutive Paralympics, winning gold medals in men’s T36 classification, 100m, and 200m, and breaking several world records.


So Wa Wai is a celebrity in Hong Kong. He is one of the most decorated athletes at the Paralympic Games. His life story was adapted into a movie. He proved that anyone can thrive with a strong will and can make a name for himself. A person should not lose heart by taking any of his weaknesses, but like So Wa Wai, he should fight and prove himself.

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