The Different Types of Industrial Casters and Its Benefits

You probably already know that there are several different types of industrial casters. However, do you know what each one is and what its benefits are? This article will explain the various kinds of casters and their uses, as well as the advantages of each one. In addition to reducing the cost of rehandling, casters also prevent goods from being abused by powered equipment, resulting in less damage.


You probably heard of Steel industrial casters if you have a warehouse or factory. They can help reduce the effort needed for working. Casters are made to last and can handle up to 100,000 pounds. They support and lessen resistance while moving heavy equipment, and their dual wheels can make pivoting easier.

Steel casters are virtually scratch-proof and don’t allow any pockets to accumulate dirt and grime. In addition, these casters are usually coated with chromium oxide, impervious to microscopic agents. This hygienic feature of steel casters makes them an excellent option for high-tech environments.


A polyurethane industrial caster has all of the benefits of a rubber caster but is more durable and can hold more weight. Unlike rubber, polyurethane does not cause damage to the environment. It has elastic memory, allowing it to shrink and expand to meet the needs of different applications.

The durability of polyurethane casters makes them perfect for medium to heavy-duty applications. The capacity of polyurethane industrial casters is double that of standard rubber or nylon casters. The operating load ranges between 300-350 kg, making them an excellent choice for industrial applications.


While heavyweights provide stability, kingpin-less industrial casters have more detail. The swivel restriction on kingpin fewer casters cannot be adjusted. These casters are typically used in aggressive applications, such as food processing plants.

Kingpinless industrial casters eliminate the need for a kingpin, which can cause problems with heavy loads. A kingpin transmits thrust loads, and the caster can fail if it becomes damaged or loose. Instead, kingpin-less casters eliminate the kingpin, providing added strength and durability. The design also allows for easier maintenance and a higher radial force. These casters are available in various sizes, with different capacities and weight capacities.

Cold forged

Hamilton’s long history of designing and manufacturing heavy-duty casters stands up to the harshest applications. Its 100 years of experience have resulted in a wide range of casters that can handle the largest capacities and heaviest loads. Hamilton also offers complete Pneumatic caster offerings, from medium-duty cold forged casters to heavy-duty forged steel casters.

CF Series – These casters feature a large diameter raceway and kingpin for added strength. They’re perfect for bakery, food processing equipment, and dragline operations. In addition, cold-forged casters are ideal for industrial applications.

S65 Series – The S65 series features a stainless steel yoke, top plate, and sealed raceways. These casters are perfect for environments that require frequent washdowns. In addition, they are corrosion-resistant and stand up to various corrosive agents and cleaning solutions. The S65 Series is designed for demanding applications and is offered in capacities up to 1,200 lbs. Cold forged casters are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel.


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