The Most Anticipated Style of Engagement Rings in 2022

This trend is already catching on, and other jewelry makers are noticing. While traditional round and oval-cut diamonds are still kings, you will find more interest in unusual center stones like emeralds or pear-shaped diamonds. Other fancy shapes include heart-shaped diamonds, cushion-cut diamonds, and marquis-cut diamonds. However, these trends will not likely last and will accompany a fad trend.

Oval-cut diamonds

Oval-cut diamonds will continue to be popular as the newest trend in engagement rings. Moreover, these beautiful, unique stones will never go out of style and look stunning on any finger. This style works well with traditional and unique engagement ring designs and is popular because of its flattering shape. Unlike other diamond shapes, an oval cut can give off a more prominent, more impressive appearance per carat than other shapes.

According to Insider, two-stone engagement rings will be the most popular style in 2022. Emerald-cut diamonds and pear-cut diamonds will also be in vogue. Oval-cut diamonds will continue to be a favorite because they show off the carat weight very well. They are also a great choice if you’re looking for a unique style that stands out.

Bezel settings

The bezel setting is one of the most popular styles of engagement rings. In addition, it surrounds the diamond and offers a clean, symmetrical appearance. A bezel setting can be used with one or more diamonds and blends seamlessly into the ring’s design. It can also be used with any diamond shape, but it is most famous for round cuts or round diamond engagement rings – The Round Cut family also includes antique and solitaire styles.

Engagement rings with bezel settings are popular for practical reasons and modern looks. Because the stone is completely encased in the metal rim, it will not fall out, even if your partner is active or has a busy job. In addition, this type of setting is less likely to chip and is ideal for active men and women. For those who are more traditional, bezel settings are the safer alternative.

Vintage-inspired rings

The current trends in fashion are driving an increase in vintage-inspired engagement rings. These rings are inspired by classic engagement ring styles and feature gallery detailing to provide an extra element of uniqueness. These designs are often reinterpreted from vintage ring styles that embrace symmetry, the center stone’s setting, and even different crafting techniques. The result is a ring that reflects the wearer’s style while also adding sentimental value to the ring. Traditional cushion-cut rings are making a comeback this year. According to a recent study by Klarna, this cut saw a 118% increase in purchases late last year. As for the future of engagement rings, the cushion cut remains a safe bet and is expected to remain a popular choice for brides-to-be.

This trend is catching on among the most popular styles of engagement rings in 2022. The most popular engagement ring style in 2022 is a vintage-inspired design that evokes the classic elegance of ancient cathedrals. This design adds significant height and sophistication to the center stone. It also complements any diamond cut. These rings are also highly affordable and can be worn by both men and women.

Stacking rings

Stacking rings has been a longstanding favorite trend, but it’s about to take off. Couples opt to use their engagement ring as the centerpiece, with a broader stack of bands separating it. Each band represents a different part of the love story. Gemstone-studded bands and mixed precious metals are popular choices for this style.

Stacking rings are more affordable than wearing two separate rings. Many young adults choose to stack their rings because it can save space in their jewelry box. However, this trend is not for everyone. Stacking wedding rings are not necessarily reversible. While this may save you money, it may not suit your taste. If you do decide to stack rings, be sure that you can wear them comfortably together.

While solitaires are timeless, there are many other options available. For example, some women prefer to wear a single ring on their index finger and one on their middle finger. Others, however, like to wear three rings on their ring finger. They may also wear two rings on one hand or even three. While traditional wedding bands continue to be the most popular engagement ring style in 2022, some couples may opt for a combination of types to create a unique look.

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