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Tom Sachs Net Worth

Tom Sachs Net Worth

Tom Sachs is an American contemporary artist. He is known for his elaborate recreations of Modern icons. His works are included in numerous museum collections. One of his most famous pieces is a reproduction of the Apollo lunar module. In addition to that, he has collaborated with NASA to design some of their spacesuits.

In addition to his artistic talents, Sachs is also a sculptor. His art has been shown at various exhibitions across the world. Currently, his work is being exhibited in Seoul, South Korea. Additionally, he has also designed a number of shoe collections. Some of these sneakers have even been sold out within a day of their release.

Tom Sachs was born in New York City, NY (US) on July 26, 1966. He studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. After graduating, he worked for a number of years in the Los Angeles furniture shop of Frank Gehry. Later, he opened his own studio in New York.

Although he has worked in various fields, his primary profession is as a Sculptor. His works have been sold for tremendous sums of money. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be at least $1.6 million. However, the exact amount varies from one source to another. Tom Sachs’s personal life is very private. He hasn’t publicly disclosed any details on his marital status or children. But, he has gained popularity through his social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, he has been married to Sarah Sanders Hoover since 2012. She is an actress, social media influencer, and writer. They have been dating for years, before finally getting married in 2012.

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Tom Sachs has been a highly successful sculptor, but he is not the only person making millions from his artistic work. He has also been associated with a number of other businesses and made millions from their profits. The following are some of the companies that have invested in his work: Nike, Adidas, and Yeezy.

Although he hasn’t yet revealed his personal financial details, Sachs has already collected millions from other business sources. In addition, he has a car and house, which are reportedly being renovated. Besides, he has an extensive collection of art pieces, which he sells through his website. Despite his huge success as a sculptor, he keeps his personal life out of the public eye. Besides being an artist, Sachs has a long career as an actor. He has starred in movies such as Benidorm and One Man, Two Guvnors. He has also appeared in various television shows, such as the BBC Learning show about adult literacy.

In addition to his artistic work, Sachs is also a production manager. He has worked with several other companies and has created several shoe collections. Since his early days in the industry, he has shown dedication and zeal to achieve something.

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