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Tony Kornheiser Salary

Tony Kornheiser Salary

A well-known sports reporter and television personality, Tony Kornheiser is estimated to have an income of at least $6 million a year. He has made his money through his work as a sports writer, radio show host, and podcaster.

The American journalist has been active in several media forms since he was a teenager. In 1970, he received a bachelor’s degree in English from Binghamton University. Before he joined ESPN in 2001, he was a columnist at the Washington Post and a sports reporter for Newsday.

He has been married for over five decades and has two children with his wife, Karril. They live in Chevy Chase, Maryland. After spending some years at the New York Times, Kornheiser went to The Washington Post.

As a sports writer, Kornheiser has known for his offensive critiques of entire teams and teams’ performance. Throughout his career, he has authored several books. One of his most recent works is “Bald As I Wanna Know.” His writing style is characterized by sarcasm and humor.

He has also co-hosted Pardon the Interruption, an ESPN sports debate show, since 2001. He also hosts a podcast, “Tony Kornheiser’s World.” Other jobs include serving as an English teacher at the Maret School in Washington. Currently, he is earning a salary of $100,000 a year.

As a result of his career, he is one of the highest-paid ESPN personalities. Kornheiser has a total net worth of at least $8 million and is expected to increase to more than $16 million in the next few years.

Tony Kornheiser was born in Lynbrook, New York on July 13, 1948. He was raised in a Jewish family. His mother, Estelle Rosenthal, was a dressmaker, while his father, Ira Kornheiser, was a dress cutter. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1970 from Binghamton University and a Master of Education from Harvard.

When he was a student, he was a member of the Young Democrats club. He spent summers at Camp Keeyumah in Pennsylvania. Later, he graduated from Harpur College. However, he was not able to continue his studies due to financial problems. Fortunately, he was able to earn a bachelor’s degree in English from SUNY at Binghamton.

Before he became a sports reporter, he worked in the sports department at the school newspaper. His future NBA basketball coach, Larry Brown, was his counselor. Upon graduating from college, Kornheiser became a full-time sports columnist.

In 1992, he started a sports talk show called “The Tony Kornheiser Show.” It was syndicated by ESPN Radio between 1998 and 2004. Since then, the show has been available on ESPN Audio platforms. Earlier, he was also a sports analyst on Monday Night Football.

According to his Wikipedia page, he has a net worth of at least eight million dollars. He owns a Porsche, a Mercedes, and a house in Delaware. Another source of his wealth is his restaurants. Moreover, he owns a million-dollar mansion in Washington, DC.

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