7 Ways to Keep Your Running Shoes in Great Shape

A good pair of running shoes is an essential item you can bring for a run. Unfortunately, even the most expertly built running shoes can wear out after repeated uses. 

Simple maintenance and knowledge may significantly lengthen the life of either running shoes for men or women. We have listed a few easy methods to help you get the most out of your footwear.

Ways to Keep Your Running Shoes

Carefully Remove Them

To remove your shoes without stumbling over the laces, you should untie and loosen them beforehand. While it may be quicker to use the other foot to slip shoes off, this places unnecessary stress on the heel collar and laces. Because of this, they eventually lose their original form, and the shoe no longer fits properly.

Not for Everyday Use

While you may feel like wearing your running shoes all day long, it’s best to save them when you need them—during your exercises. Cushioning materials wear down quicker, and shoes don’t last as many miles if worn casually daily.

Avoid Using Them for Cross-Training

Your running shoes prioritize a smooth transition from heel to toe. The shoes will wear out faster if you use them for activities other than running, such as boot camp routines that include a lot of lateral movement.

Make Sure to Keep Them in a Cool, Dry Place

The glue that holds your shoe together might melt if it gets too hot. It may lead to the shoe’s components delaminating from one another. Shrinkage from heat exposure may also affect the fit of the shoe’s top.

If you’re wondering what we mean when we say “extensive exposure to heat,” it’s as simple as not keeping your shoes in a place where you’d become too hot. If the temperature outside was 100 degrees, would you, for instance, spend two hours in the trunk of your car? Your shoes should probably not be kept there either.

Take Care to Wash and Dry Them

While dirty running shoes may wear out quicker in the long term, incorrect cleaning and drying are the real culprits. Shoes, as was previously said, do poorly in very hot environments. For this reason, you shouldn’t dry your running shoes in the dryer or put them near a heating vent; instead, you should let them air dry entirely.

You should take out the sock liner and insert a couple of sheets of newspaper inside the shoe to help it dry. If you don’t have a newspaper handy, you may use toilet tissue or coffee filters instead. A simpler option is to choose a product from our range of shoe care accessories.

You Should Rotate Shoes Every Often

Most modern running shoes use some foam cushioning. During exercise, the shock-absorbing foam in your shoes compresses to reduce fatigue and increase comfort. Over time, the shock absorption capacity of your shoes will decrease when the foam is permanently compressed from repeated use.

If you want the padding in your main shoes to last as long as possible, try switching to a different pair every few months. It will enable the foam to return to its normal shape and size and give the pairs time to decompress. Rotating your shoes will allow each pair to dry off if you run in a damp or humid region.

Make Good Use of Your Running Shoes

Trail running shoes are distinct from road running shoes, race running shoes, and training shoes. Keep your trail running shoes for the trails, your road shoes for the roads, and your racing shoes for the races. Each pair of shoes serves a different function.

In contrast to the traction and added protection provided by toe caps and rock plates, which are preferable on a rugged route, road shoes provide enough cushioning for your joints and adequate traction on hard pavement. Fast, short-distance running is the specialty of racing shoes. You should not expect them to last as long or as well as a trainer.


Common running shoes are designed to withstand long hours of training or aid in speed during races. However, no matter how high-quality your running shoes are, they will not last forever. However, with the right maintenance, you may extend your running shoes.


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