Benefits Of A Rowing Machine

What Is The Rowing Machine?

The rowing machine is a fitness device with a metal rail and a sliding seat. It makes it possible to reproduce oar movements with a propulsion phase (pulling) and a recovery phase (return).

Invented in 1976, this popular gym machine combines strength training and fitness. It makes it possible to work more than 85% of the muscles of the body and thus acts almost on the entire body. The rowing machine surrounds two main kinds of apparatus.

How Does The Rowing Machine Work?

For many, the rowing can be reduced to a device that coaches recommend only to a few people.

Suddenly, it is often difficult to know what we are dealing with, especially as the rowing takes on mysterious airs, not suggesting what he can help to do.

Its use allows you to reproduce movements specific to rowing, and incidentally those associated with an ergometer.

The design of the product is designed so that high-level athletes can use it during very cold days or under special conditions.

Its popularity has improved significantly, explaining that it is today one of the most popular references for athletes of all levels.

Benefits Of The Rowing Machine

Benefits Of The Rowing Machine
Benefits Of The Rowing Machine

A fun activity

The rowing machine was once known to be a boring machine. This sad fame, which he acquired thanks to unimaginative exercises, is long gone. The rowing machine has been able to modernize and offer fun training programs.

The market is full of models today that will allow you to program your sessions, choose a defined workout, and test new exercises. The device does not impose anything and increases your ability to innovate in your sports routine.

Today, the rowing machine is no longer just a device that you use alone. Some references can be handled at the same time by several users. It is no longer essential to remain seated to enjoy its benefits.

The activity quickly becomes fun. An advantage that will not be found on an elliptical trainer, or a treadmill, encouraging users to continue their training, and not to abandon a program.

A machine suitable for everyone

Using a rowing machine is not reserved for top athletes. It can adapt to all user profiles, regardless of their build or physical condition.

While it can boost cardio sessions in this way, it is not suitable for people with carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is the same for those who have tendonitis problems, whether in the elbow or the shoulder. These exceptions confirm, however, that the rowing has no particular difficulty in meeting the needs of its users.

Unlike the treadmill, it can be practiced very well even with knee problems. The same goes for those with weak backs and hips.

The risk of injury is reduced, which is why rowing is also recommended for overweight people.

Its strength and resistance, which adjust to that of athletes, spare the joints and muscles. People who use it are therefore unlikely to suffer tears, or jolts that are difficult for the body to manage.

The rowing machine to develop endurance

Another benefit of the rowing machine is to build your endurance. The practice can be done at home, and therefore suitable for people who are often busy. It allows you to work on your cardiovascular system while boosting your respiratory system.

The muscles are also solicited so that the exercises can activate the masses while marking an important work of the fatty tissues. Burning calories is not difficult, and starts within the first few minutes of exercise.

Indoor rowing is also a tool that can replace other cardio options during bad weather or rainy days. The programs allow you to keep in shape, and to continue moderate or intensive sports training.

A complete instrument

Using a rowing machine would provide results similar to swimming. The exercises are almost complete and require more than 80% of the muscle mass. Apart from the arms and the back, the chest and the abdominal belt are mobilized.

The lower part of the body is also involved. The buttocks and legs help to establish a balance, and slowly develop their curve. The absence of load makes it possible to work the muscles and tone them, without them gaining mass.

The use of the rowing would therefore help to lengthen the muscles, to refine them gently. If the loss of volume is not to be feared, the depletion of fat reserves is pronounced. Their lengthening refines the entire silhouette.

Customizable training

It is not difficult to make an apartment rowing machine your own. With practice, the science of movements asserts itself. Practicing indoor rowing well can be learned, but mastered quite easily.

The rhythm is personalized, and the effort becomes more fluid as the user gets used to it.

Resistance is just as easy to tame. It is largely based on the intensity of your sessions and depends on the management of the grip.

If it is possible to set the pace to the strict minimum, the most resistant will have no trouble adopting a more sustained pace.

The performance during the exercises will also depend on how you vary the exercises. Although the sitting position is very effective for burning calories, it would be even easier to refine the silhouette by multiplying the standing variants.

The rowing machine: an ideal replacement for cardio machines?

The performance of the rowing machine would make it a particularly effective cardio instrument. If it is known to completely replace other types of installation, it can very well be used in addition to completing training.

Whether it is to warm up the body or to carry out intensive sports training, the rowing machine seems to offer all the options necessary for a regular sports practice, customizable and easy to adopt.

Choosing The Right Rowing Machine: The Basics To Remember

Choosing The Right Rowing Machine
Choosing The Right Rowing Machine

Choosing a rowing machine to use at home isn’t just about budgeting. The selection must also be based on a certain number of criteria that will guarantee the quality and safety of the device in use.

Its structure

The structure of your rowing machine should be strong enough to serve you for a long time. The design will be ideally pleasant. In addition to ensuring your comfort in use, you should also like it. It should simplify folding, storage, and movement.

Note that the heaviest devices are generally the most stable. It should also be strong enough to support at least 10 kg more than your weight.

The type of resistance

Not all rowing machines on the market adopt the same resistance system. You will be able to find models:

  • Hydraulic pistons, equipped with configurable intensities
  • Magnetically braked, powered by magnets
  • Electromagnetically braked, based on an electromagnet system
  • Air-braked operated with fins
  • On the water, opting for a technology similar to that offered by rowing on the water

The crankset and the seat

These two elements must be examined with the greatest seriousness because they will be the first elements that will come into contact with your body. Dynamic and ergonomic accessories are preferred, as they are more likely to be comfortable.

Finally, consider turning to adjustable seats and pedals, which will make it easier to grip for different users.

Functions and training programs

An efficient rowing machine is rowing that will register several functions. We are thinking here of the information that it can take over during the activity. The models to be adopted must at least offer the pulse outlet.

The best references are notably able to display the distances traveled, the caloric expenditure, the number of trainsets carried out, or the time spent on the device.

Opinions About The Rowing Machine

The people who have tested the rowing machine mostly certify its effectiveness. For many, it would therefore be the essential tool for burning fat. The large energy expenditure seduces even the most reluctant, who would launch themselves little by little.

For others, however, the rowing machine remains just a cardio-fitness tool like so many others. If it cannot be used without strict adaptation of eating habits, it would be significantly more effective than the elliptical trainer.


The rowing machine has become a sporting tool that combines inventiveness and ease of use. The exercises that you will initiate on this type of device would mainly target general slimming, making the rowing a machine that stands out for its efficiency.

To lose weight, lengthen muscles, or quite simply find new fun cardio-fitness activities, the rowing machine would provide much more relevant results than those of a classic cardio machine.

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