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Calysta Bevier Net Worth

Calysta Bevier Net Worth

Calysta Bevier is an American singer. She is popular for her performances at America’s Got Talent, and she is also a cancer survivor. As an activist, she is involved in many cancer-related programs. Her efforts have earned her the attention of influential people in the industry. However, she keeps her private life hidden from the public.

When Calysta was only 15 years old, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. At the time, she was a member of the cheerleading team and she was in high school. The diagnosis caused her to start chemotherapy, which she survived. Although she was not able to finish her studies, she did not let her illness stop her from pursuing her musical career. After her treatments, she found a song that she liked, and sung it.

Two months after her performance, Calysta was noticed by Ellen DeGeneres, and she was invited to perform a duet on the show. Shortly after, her video became popular. In October of that year, she headlined the Crucial Catch Initiative. This is an event that honors cancer survivors. It also gives children with cancer toys.

The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation is another charity that Calysta has become involved with. She identifies as pansexual, and she often appears in programs dedicated to cancer awareness. Among her other charitable works, she sings the US national anthem for NFL games. Also, she has performed at various events and festivals. Since she started her singing career, she has released several singles. One of these singles, “Soar,” talks about letting go.

Despite her early struggles with cancer, Calysta has come a long way in her life. She has made her mark as a successful Pop Singer, and she has worked with notable musicians and celebrities such as John Legend, T-Pain, and Kevin Hart. Additionally, she has received a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent. Now, she is engaged in a relationship with a transgender man named Sam.

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Calysta Bevier is a very famous singer. She has shared the stage with several popular music stars, and she has earned a lot of money. Because of her success in the music industry, she has a net worth of  $0.4 million. But it is possible that her actual net worth may be much higher. Therefore, it is wise to estimate the value of her net worth.

Not only is Calysta a good singer, but she is also a talented and positive person. After she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she took it upon herself to use her voice to help other cancer patients. As a result, she has become a prominent activist on the subject.

Calysta’s father is a firefighter and she has two brothers and a sister. She was the sixth child in her family. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, California. Her mother is Missy Bevier, who was a teacher. During her childhood, she lived in Toledo, Ohio. There, she met her father.

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