Childcare Software Market Will Grow In Size and Share in 2023

The childcare software market is growing with the demand for security and monitoring devices. This article will further explain what childcare software is, how to use it, and explore statistics pointing to continued growth in the need for this technology.

What Is Childcare Software?

Several different names know childcare software. In some circles, it is called childcare management software; in others as daycare accounting software or childcare administrative software. Whichever term describes business software has been explicitly designed for preschools, childcare centers, and other facilities focusing on children. The software is adaptable in that it works on various devices, from handheld to desktops. First, however, as a software tool to increase staff productivity similar to other business management software.

What makes childcare software unique is that it can track several things beyond general accounting and financial reporting. In addition to this and staff scheduling and emergency contact information, this software can track sign-ins of children and staff, attendance records, classroom rosters, student meal counts, child-to-teacher ratios, and so much more. Furthermore, as technology advances, this type of software improves with regular updates making it a vital component in the smooth operation of any childcare facility. As a result, there is anticipated growth expected in this market.

Childcare Software Market Statistics

Data Bridge Market Research shows that the childcare software market had a value in 2021 of $174.56 million. The expectation is for it to hit $324.78 million by 2029. The forecast period measured the growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.07 percent. The report published by Data Bridge Market Research is titled “Childcare Software Market.” The study encompasses the US, Europe, Japan, China, South East Asia, India, and several other parts of the world. 

The Key Drivers

Here is a closer look at the two primary reasons why the childcare software market is increasing.

There Continues To Be A Demand For Childcare Facilities

The main driver leading to the growth of the childcare software market is the increasing demand for childcare facilities. With many parents either opting to work remotely from home or in a hybrid situation where work-from-home days blend with office days, the need for safe, secure, and reliable childcare services has increased, particularly obvious as we move into a post-pandemic period.

The Ongoing Linkage Between Childcare Software and Social Media Streams

Childcare facilities have determined that one of the best ways to connect with parents is through social media channels. It tends to increase contact and provides an immediate interaction compared to traditional modes of communication. an increase in the working women population, in recent years, providing fast and easy communication has become a priority, and childcare software interconnecting with social media offers a logical solution.

The Opportunities Available

According to the Childcare Software Market report published by Data Bridge, there is one specific opportunity that has surfaced during the growth within the market. That is the growing demand for better security solutions in the childcare setting. Furthermore, with constant monitoring during class time, parents have access to the classroom and can visit it virtually whenever they require. This type of easy access requires security features granting only those who have specific clearance can enter with security codes and keeping track of who has entered or left the access points.

The Restrictions That Exist

The main issue that harms the growth of the childcare software market is the expense of maintaining web-based monitoring software. Although most of this technology is managed in a web-based environment or via a desktop computer, rental fees come into play. However, particularly true with web-based software that requires storage space on the web or cloud services plus costs associated with professionals hired to collect, analyze and report on the data produced. In addition, reliable internet connections will add to these costs, which may stretch childcare provider budgets.

Cloud-Based Portion Of The Market Growing Fastest

The cloud-based childcare software market has shown a steady growth pattern. Analysis of this portion of the market has revealed a gradual increase from a total of $107.36 million in 2017. What has encouraged this segment to keep growing is access. Users can connect to cloud-based solutions from any internet-enabled device, from smartphones and tablets to desktop and laptop computers. Therefore, it allows for quick and easy access from anywhere there is an internet connection. In addition, cloud-based services can be accessed by parents, teachers, and others with proper access codes at work, at home, in transit, and other settings.

Who The Software Leaders Are

There are 18 major childcare software providers representing five different countries. They include:


HiMama, Sandbox Software Solutions


OnCare, Speicherhafen GmbH & Co. KG


EntLogics, Smartcare

United Kingdom


United States

AIS Software, Bloomz, EZChildTrack, iCare Software, Iris Software, Inc., Jackrabbit Technologies, Kindertales, LifeCubby, Procare Software, LLC., Tadpoles, TimeSavr

The Countries That Make Up The Childcare Software Market

Although North America currently has the majority of the childcare software market, there are over 30 other regions where the demand for this type of technological solution exists. They include North America (Canada, United States, Mexico), Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, China, Japan, Turkey, India, South Korea, Australia, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, and Argentina to name a few.

Final Thoughts

Business software ensures that the daily operation of a company continues smoothly. In the childcare industry, running a childcare facility is similar to operating a retail business in that several tasks must be completed and tracked daily. Childcare software is a tool designed specifically to address the needs of childcare facilities. With the ongoing demand for childcare facilities, there is a growing need for this tracking technology. Research has shown that the request is so great that the childcare software market will; continue to grow for the next several years.

Sandra Chiu works as Director at LadyBug & Friends Daycare and Preschool.


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