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Chrisean Malone Net Worth

Chrisean Malone Net Worth

Known for her work as a model and singer, Chrisean Malone is a social media star with a net worth of $8 million. The singer was born on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland. She is known for posting photos of herself in streetwear and swimwear on Instagram. She has over 711K followers on Instagram. She also enjoys posting lifestyle vlogs on her social media.

Chrisean is a model, singer, and dancer. She has appeared in various television shows and music videos. She has been signed by several record labels and has been working with various beauty brands. She has also starred in the reality TV series Baddies South, where she acted alongside Natalie Nunn. She has also written songs of her own.

Chrisean is from a large family. She has 11 siblings. Her mother was a single parent and struggled with drug addiction. She had a difficult childhood because her father was incarcerated. She moved around a lot because her father was unable to be a part of her life. She attended a local private school. In her youth, she was introduced to different genres of music by her father. She was a track star in high school. She also earned a scholarship to Santa Monica College. She was also featured in the Fox game show Ultimate Tag. She was awarded $10,000 for her performance. She has one tattoo on her neck.

As a teenager, she started dabbling in social media. She launched her official Instagram account at age 15. She has a long list of followers on Instagram and Twitter. She posts her pictures, vlogs, and other lifestyle photos. She has also modeled for different fashion and swimwear brands. In January 2020, she lost her tooth while playing Covid 19 and Blueface paid for a permanent replacement. She was also arrested for loading a loaded weapon and expired registration. She is currently focusing on her job.

Chrisean Malone is currently not dating anyone. However, she was romantically involved with rapper Blueface. They broke up in August 2022. The pair had a big fight in Hollywood. The video of their confrontation became popular online. It has since been viewed millions of times. Earlier, Chrisean and Blueface were both working together.

Before her career as a musician, Chrisean was a model and model for many fashion brands. She was also a member of Blueface’s Blue Girls Club. She has a tattoo her neck. She is signed by his label, which is called Blueface Records. She has written songs of her own and has been able to make a name for herself as a successful musical artist.

Chrisean is a social media star who is famous for sharing her style and fashion on her Instagram and YouTube channels. She has over 711K followers on her IG and Twitter accounts. She also has an average height of 5 feet 5 inches. She is not much of a political commentator, but she does have a short profile.

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